Russian Navy surveillance ship sinks in BLACK SEA

After it struck a merchant freighter, Russian Navy surveillance ship sinks in BLACK SEA

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Today, April 27, 2017, marks the day of sinking off Russian naval investigation ship near Turkish coast in the Black Sea after bumping with a freighter.

Russian officials earlier verified that outer of Liman and major parts of it float upholding a breach. Fortunately, none of the crew member aboard on the ship is hurt. All personnel were safely rescued from the stricken ship right after the incident. The collision happened about 20 miles at the northwest of the Bosporus which is considered as one of the world’s occupied waterways connecting the Black Sea to shipping lanes.

The area is accounted with fog but no clear cause of the collision is mentioned yet.

“The ship hit a Togo-flagged boat carrying livestock”, Turkish media reported.

Right after the incident, Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev received an official call from Turkish PM Binali Yildirim who conveyed his “grief” over the incident. Source in PM’s office were stated by Reuters news agency that Russian Black Sea Fleet (BSF) crosses Bosporus strait for operation in Mediterranean (particularly in Syria).

The BSF also stated that Russian crew is following all sailing rules and regulations and strategies and it seems that this unpleasant incident happened due to the negligence caused by some other ship, reported by Russia’s Interfax news agency.

Moreover, Russian representatives Turkish coastal authority speaks on its website as: “It collided with the Youzarsif H freighter, reportedly 29km (18 miles) from the Turkish town of Kilyos on the Black Sea coast just north of the city of Istanbul, and had sunk by 14:48 (11:48 GMT).”

Reuters news agency reports that it is still not obvious whether the ship was directed to Bosporus strait at that moment. Reuters news agency also speaks to a well-known shipping agent who said the Togo-flagged freighter and this Russian ship collided due to the bad weather in foggy conditions which promoted poor visibility.

Adm Viktor Kravchenko, a former navy commander told Interfax that this incident was “out of the ordinary”. “There have been collisions but I do not remember a case like this, of a vessel, a warship sinking after it,” he told.

This year, Russia has motivated the Trump supervision with a connection of spy ship voyages beside the U.S. East Coast, approaching 17 miles of land at a spot.

The Russian Defense Ministry told the Liman undergo a huge hole beneath its waterline. Liman was momentarily renowned in 1999 during its deployment deployed to the Mediterranean Sea to keep an eye on NATO operations happening in Yugoslavia.

Russia and Turkey have welcomed the warming gestures and promoted friendly environment between them over the last year, putting aside the harsh inconsistency over the war in Syria to assist each other and bringing out a better political resolution to the conflict. In 2015, their association went down a low point during the occasion when Russian warplane (that gone astray over the border of Syria) was shot down by Turkey, says Ankara. Both the countries are connected by Iran, declared to stop the war in Syria.

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