Actor Martin Henderson dies at age 42

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Actor Martin Henderson, who became famous after he was injured during a cruel “dwarf tossing” event by a rugby fan in a bar, has died, according his friend Rebecca Henderson.

Martin Henderson, an actor from Milborne Port, Somerset, who played a goblin in two Harry Potter movies, has reportedly died recently. Henderson rose to fame when he was brutally attacked in a cruel “dwarf tossing” game by a rugby fan.


Henderson was also reportedly involved in a kidnapping, when two men broke into his home and drove him to a bank to withdraw funds for them. Both men have been charged with abducting Henderson, and one of them was also charged with stealing his phone and a bottle of aftershave.

Henderson was out celebrating his 37th birthday at The White Horse in Wincanton in 2011 when he was “pranked” by a rugby fan who picked him up and threw him on the ground. His back, arms and legs were severely injured.

He struggled with spinal stenosis, which rendered him incapable of walking properly since the incident. Following the incident, he needed a walking frame for support.

English rugby players, including the captain Mike Tindall, had reportedly attended a “dwarf tossing contest” at a New Zealand bar during the world cup which had allegedly inspired the attack on Henderson.

Henderson blamed the rugby players for normalizing violence against dwarfs and therefore paving the way for the event that paralyzed him, and asked for an apology from the English rugby team.

Henderson was also brought to fame when Peter Dinklage, of Game of Thrones fame, mentioned him during his speech at the Golden Globes in 2012.

The actor was picking up his Best Supporting Actor award at the ceremony in California, when he said: “I want to mention a gentleman I’m thinking about in England, his name is Martin Henderson. Google him.”




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