Acer Predator Helios 500- A gaming laptop with the fastest Intel chip to date

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For those looking for the best of best, there is some good news, as the latest Acer Predator Helios 500 now boasts the Intel’s fastest laptop processor to date. Yes, you heard that right, the all new laptop will feature an Intel 8th Generation Core i9+ 8950HK processor. That will be a lot of processing power, trust us.

Not only this but unlike laptops which usually do not allow overclocking or advise against it, Acer had built the Helios 500 to be over-clocked. This means that you need not fear your laptop getting friend with some overclocking, but yes do stay within some limits. This isn’t a desktop with dedicated with cooling solutions, although, over-clocking to an extent would increase the performance, and can be beneficial.

Not only this but with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 as its dedicated GPU, feel free to play top of the line games, even at 4K screen resolution. This is because the GPU offers a dedicated whopping 8 GB of DDR5 as its VRAM (Video RAM). As for the display, well the laptop is quite a huge one, with a whopping 17.3 inches display, yet still offering a 4K screen resolution, supported by 144 Hz refresh rate. It is simply one of the best displays out there for sure, as with such a large screen yet still with quality screen resolution, one is assured of an immersive experience.

On top of this, the Display also supports the Nvidia’s G-Sync Technology. This ultimately means that you can do gaming on the laptop without any screen tears.

Alongside the heavy processor, the laptop packs an 8 GB of RAM, which means you can easily open up multiple tasks at once, without a worry. Furthermore, the laptop’s keyboard isn’t only backlit, but you can also customize the LED lights to your liking.

The laptop was announced at Acer’s Global Press Conference which took place on 23rd May, just two days ago. If you are still worried about the over-clocking thing, then we must tell you that the laptop boasts the Acer’s quite popular Dual AeroBlade 3D cooling system. This means that instead of a single cooling fan, there are 59 of them! Yes, the 59 cooling metal fans within the laptop would surely lead to an efficient cooling system. This ultimately means that you need not worry when you over-clock your laptop for an increased performance for gaming purposes.

As for the ports, there are three USB 3.0 Type-A ones, along with two latest ThunderBolt 3 ports. There is also an HDMI 2.0 port alongside a Display Port. Though these two are at the laptop’s rear, where there is also the power jack.

The laptop measuring 16.85 x 11.73 x 1.52 inches and weighing 8.8 pounds, is surely not something you would like to carry around on your shoulders all day long. The portability had to be compromised to offer better specifications. Nevertheless, unlike a Desktop which requires setting up from all over when you switch places, you can take the laptop around fairly easily.

The storage options range up to a 2TB HDD, or an SSD including up to 512GB SATA (6 Gbps), up to 512GB NMVe PCIe Gen 3 (8 Gbps) up to 4 lanes, or up to 1TB 2D NVMe in RAID 0.

The laptop’s base model starts at a price tag of $1,999, which is justifiable in the sense, that laptop houses a working powerhouse.

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