Acer ChromeBook Spin 13 – A Power House for ChromeOS users

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For all the Chromebook fans out there who happen to find the Chrome OS really easy and without bloatware, there is good news: Behold the mighty Acer Chromebook 13 Spin. This isn’t your ordinary Chromebook with a minimum of specifications but powered by the latest Core i5 processor this laptop would run at blazing fast speeds.

This is because the Chrome OS doesn’t need many high specifications, so providing it with some heavy specs, sure sounds like a bit of an overkill, nevertheless, it fills out the appetite of the Chrome OS lovers. Yes, there is Google’s very own Pixelbook for $999, but Acer Chromebook 13 Spin is surely going to put on a good challenge to it. This is because Acer’s Chromebook certainly has better specifications and also has a premium build quality and design.

As of now, the actual price of the Spin 13 isn’t yet known, nor is its exact date of availability, but its quite certain that it would be around the $800-$999 mark if it is to compete with Google’s PixelBook.

The laptop is a 2-in-1 convertible, as the name ‘Spin’ speaks for itself. The laptop can be rotated 360 degrees completely courtesy of its hinge design. On top of that, the laptop can be used in various modes, whichever suits your needs.

On top of that, the display that measures 13.5 inch is fully touch-supported. This means you can easily use the laptop as a tablet too if you feel like it. Furthermore, you would not be disappointed with the display either, since its bright and vivid, yet with vibrant colors at the same time. Although the aspect ratio of 3:2, might let you a bit down since it isn’t to everyone’s liking. On the contrary, the benefit of this is that the vertical space is nearly 18 percent more than the usual 16:9 aspect ratio displays.

Therefore, when you are viewing pdf or reading stuff, you won’t need to scroll much. Another benefit is that there are some Touch-Screen optimized games, which you can easily play by downloading them from the Google Play Store. Though, with a weight of 3.5 pounds, it might not be that easy to play touch-screen based games all day long, since it can be a hassle to carry.

You would also find the built-in Wacom stylus quite appealing, maybe not as that much as the Apple Pencil, but it quite fulfills the purpose. You can draw and take notes with the pencil making your life much easier. The good thing is that you don’t have to keep the stylus elsewhere in a safe place, as there is a place (more of a slot) in the laptop itself, for you to put the stylus in.

The laptop made from all-aluminum looks quite polished and appealing to the eyes as well. Courtesy the chassis being sandblasted, you can have a firm grip on the chassis, which then helps in preventing drops. There are diamond-cut effects on the laptop edges, and around the touchpad too, making it look elegant. Speaking of the TouchPad, it is made up of Gorilla Glass, and thus, it is quite smooth to use courtesy also being quite spacious.

As for the port,s there is a USB 3.0 port which is found on all the latest laptops, along with two USB Type-C ports on either sides. There is a microSD card reader too, in case you want to transfer files from your memory card. Thankfully, the headphone jack is still there.

Acer claims the battery life to be around 10 hours, but only time shall tell that when it arrives finally.

The configurations though vary vastly. The laptop supports RAM upto 16 GB of type LPDDR3 and boasts 128 GB of eMMC storage. You have an option to choose from an Intel Core i5 or an Intel Core i3 processor both from the latest eighth generation.

Nevertheless, it is one great laptop if you are to looking for the features and productivity it offers.

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