Accidentally triggered an Emergency SOS call on your iPhone? Here is how you can reduce the likelihood of doing so

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Nobody can for sure predict the future, that’s why smartphones these days are equipped with Built-in emergency services. Though the inclusion of such is beneficial, but it can also happen that one may unintentionally trigger the emergency services.

One such feature is in the relatively new iOS 11 and on an Apple Watch, which automatically calls up emergency services, with just some quick presses. With these quick presses comes the caveat; toddlers or kids play around with the phone and can accidentally end up calling emergency services. According to the Verge, there have been instances where even grownups have accidentally made SOS calls. Due to these SOS calls, it’s apparent that police may even arrive at your doorstep as the current situation of terror prevails over all of us.

Therefore, it can turn out to be a source of embarrassment, so if are willing to take the risk, why not turn it off altogether? On the Apple Watch, you just need to press on the crown button for some big amount of time, and it will automatically trigger an emergency call; albeit with an emergency SOS slider appearing, but that can be overridden if you keep on pressing down on the button. This will lead to an SOS call being made.

Although it might not be that easy to make the same call on an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or the Apple iPhone X, nevertheless it isn’t difficult either. Therefore, there are still chances that you will end up making a call accidentally. If you just hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons until a slider appears, and then keep on holding, then it will again lead you to make an emergency SOS call.

On the contrary, the chances of doing so are even less on the Apple iPhone 7 and below. This is because you need to press the side button five times in succession rather quickly. You would then also need to slide the Emergency SOS slider to make the call. Though, the probability is still there.

Therefore, what you can do is make it even less likely to automatically trigger a call. Though it should be noted that you can’t disable the emergency services altogether, but that’s a good point, since it can save your life someday, you never know.

How to Disable AutoCall on the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.


When you have made up your mind finally to reduce the likelihood of making an emergency call, then you just need to head over to your iPhone Settings. You need to then go to Emergency SOS. There you will see an Auto Call toggle. It shall be switched on by default. Just single tap on it to turn it off.

Now what will happen is that when the Emergency SOS call slider comes up, you will have to manually slide it to connect the call. This means that keeping on holding won’t work. You can’t do this on an iPhone 7 or below, since these phones already require you to slide the slider.

How to Disable Auto Call on Apple Watch

The process is more or less similar on the Apple Watch as well. Just head over to the My Watch app on your iPhone, and then press the My Watch tab. From there, go to General, and then select Emergency SOS. Turn off the familiar AutoCall toggle to off and you are good to go.

Now the same shall happen that is when the Emergency SOS call slider comes up, you will have to manually slide it to connect the call, rather than keeping on pressing the crown button.


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