A new Jailbreak claims to unlock any iPhone

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The jailbreak released by Unc0ver can unlock any iPhone running iOS version 11 or up.

Apple has always made it clear that security is one of the company’s top-most priorities. Over the years, Apple has made it more and more difficult to install unapproved software on its locked-down devices. This is a one a kind occurrence in a few years that a jailbreak is available within a few days of a latest iOS release.

Apple has tried its best to allow only apps and customizations that it approves for iPhones and hackers have been trying to break free of this, what they call, ‘jail’. Thus, the term ‘jailbreak’.

One of the biggest problems some iOS users complain about is the lack of customization, especially those coming from Android. Jailbreaking enables them to better customize their phone’s layout.


Hackers exploit some previously undisclosed vulnerability in iOS that enables them to break through some of the many restrictions that Apple has put due to security concerns, or at least it claims to.

Unc0ver claims that this jailbreak doesn’t damage any Apple’s user data protections or undermine iOS’ sandbox security, which keeps programs running separately so they can’t access data they shouldn’t. According to the group the jailbreak just adds a few exceptions to the existing rules.

This latest jailbreak by Unc0ver supports all iPhones that run iOS 11 and up, including the recently released iOS 13.5. The details of the vulnerability exploited haven’t been shared yet. However, this jailbreak, like all jailbreaks, won’t last long. Just as a jailbreak is launched, Apple steps in and closes it through some patches.

Security experts generally advise against jailbreaking because it leaves the device vulnerable to a lot of threats.

Apple’s strong security image has taken a number of hits recently. Last week, the exploits broker Zerodium said it would no longer buy any vulnerabilities for the iPhone because there were so many of them. Moreover, a lot of hackers and security researches have been circulating a pre-release iOS 14 version months before its release, according to Motherboard.

Both the leak of an upcoming iOS version and the jailbreak of a current iOS version indicate a shift in the paradigm surrounding iOS security, and it is to see how Apple recovers itself from these blows.

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