Image: Kickstarter

A minimal pen that will last forever (if you do not lose it somehow)

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All of us use pens, they are an integral part of our lives. Most people carry their pens to anyplace they go because you never know you may have to use a pen anytime. Everyone knows the purpose and price of a pen, pens start from cents and go all over 8 million Dollars.

The Pen Fulgor Nocturnus named made by Tibaldi was sold for $8 million at a charity auction. No matter what the price is a pen has a certain value in which varies from pen to pen, a pen that costs mere cents may be more valuable to you than the Fulgor Nocturnus.

Image: supermoney
Image: supermoney

But none of the affordable pens you own are guaranteed to give you lifetime durability. The pen created by Andrew Sanderson a creator at Kickstarter network. Sanderson is a mechanical designer by profession and has designed many good projects while maintaining minimality.

The notion behind this creation was that he always had to go buy a new pen whenever his last pen became unusable. He wanted to make a pen that stays with him forever. So, he came up with an idea of building one for himself.


The pen looks gorgeous but it retains the minimality of the product. From the outside, it looks like the pen has a unibody design. But a complicated process is behind the flashiness of the pen. The material used in the pen is based on the user’s discretion. There are many options to choose depends upon the price. It includes aircraft grade Titanium, tellurium copper, stainless steel and bronze normally found in high-end watches.

Image: Kickstarter

A simple small carefully measured and weighted part of the chosen metal is picked and the components are made out of it. The components are made in Chicago while Sanderson assembles them by hand in Austin, Taxes. The pressurized Fisher Space refill present in the pen is made in Californa. Thus the product is made 100% in the US.

The lid and the spring are made with custom designed self-lubricated bronze that ensures smooth clicks fro the decades to come. Lastly, every component is weighted and balanced before production so that only the best product reaches your hand.

How’s it different from other pens

The pen is different from many other pens having a similar price in a lot of ways. First of all, you know who is the creator of this pen and Sanderson takes full responsibility for his product. If you do not like what you get or if there is something you want to change you can revert the product back to him. He’ll rectify where he went wrong or he may end up producing a new pen from scratch.

Secondly, the material he uses for the pen is impeccable, have a look at the aircraft grade Titanium. It is shiny, it is durable and most of all it will not scratch even if you use your nails while holding the pen. Same is the case with the other materials, with the self-lubricated lid of the same material you can enjoy clicks for decades.

Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

Thirdly, the design and the look of the product, it is downright beautiful. Though it is made up many different parts the outside part has a unibody design. The clip of the pen has powdered finish. It lessens its stiffness so that no matter how many time you clip the metal remains intact.

Lastly, the biggest reason why the product is different from any other plastic pen you buy from the market is Sanderson’s custom building mechanism. It also makes it environment friendly.

For further details and where can you buy it head over to Kickstarter here.

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