A man warned the entire world about Coronavirus 7 years ago on Twitter

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The entire world has been hit by the devastating COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. While most countries have started to take prevention measures, we’re still far from controlling the spread of Coronavirus. The rampant virus has resulted in closure of most institutes and events around the world making the planet look like a ghost town.

Some people have suggested though that we should have seen this coming our way. For instance, Bill Gates stated in 2018 that we need to be prepared for a global pandemic as one could swoop in at any time. It is a shame though that despite many warnings, we were still vastly under-prepared and couldn’t really combat it in an efficient manner.

Bill Gates Coronavirus

However, there may have been an even bigger warning issued to us many years ago that we overlooked.

A user on Twitter (@Marco_Acortes) made a tweet almost 7 years ago, way back in June 2013 warning the entire world about the pandemic. Here’s the original tweet:

How do we know that the tweet hasn’t been faked? Well, firstly, Twitter does not allow its users to edit their tweets once they have been posted online. This cannot be done even with any external third party clients or tools so there is no possible way that this could have been faked.

Twitter CEO finally responds to Edit Tweet button requests

In addition to that, the user has been inactive on Twitter for many years so the chances of them coming online only to alter a single tweet are pretty slim. This obviously resulted in other users concluding that the Marco was some sort of oracle or time traveler and he needs to tell us more about our future.


Some other users were quick to call out the people saying that the Twitter user is a time traveler by pointing out that the Coronavirus is not exactly a new thing.

The term Coronavirus is actually pretty old and refers to the family of single-stranded RNA viruses with lipid envelope studded with club-shaped projections. The current strain of Coronavirus is actually the COVID-19 and we’ve had many other variations of it in the past like SARS. In fact, COVID-19 is also alternatively called SARS-CoV-2.


However, while it is true that there have been many other types of Coronavirus before and the Twitter user could just be referring to one of those but the sheer ominous nature of the tweet makes one think otherwise. So, could we have heeded Marco’s warning and prepared for the outbreak beforehand just to be on the safe side?

This is not the first time a user has successfully predicted something many years before it has happened either. Earlier during the year, a tweet from 7 years ago surfaced that predicted the exact details of Kobe Bryant’s death as well that resulted in a lot of conspiracy theories about the whole thing.

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Of course most of these things could just be mere coincidence or maybe we are actually surrounded by time travelers that know a lot more than we do.

There have been tons of other conspiracy theories making rounds as well including claims that the virus has been genetically manufactured to sabotage certain countries or to meet some agenda and is a tool to spread propaganda.

Coronavirus prediction

However, the chances of that being true are extremely low since this has turned into a global pandemic and literally everyone from all walks of life is being affected because of it.

Do you think that there is an underlying conspiracy behind this global pandemic or is it just a result of our own carelessness? Let us know down in the comments below!

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