A Guy from USA has created a Hybrid Console Combining Xbox One And PS4

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If you are a gamer then you surely know the struggle of choosing between Xbox and PlayStation. This has been one of the most annoying situations in a gamer’s life. Deciding between the two best consoles available in the market, because both of the consoles offer different games and online networks.

Many of the pro gamers have bought both the consoles to avoid the confusion of selecting the best because there are so many people who equally love both the consoles. But this doesn’t work for everyone, lets say if you are a student who cannot afford to have both consoles at a time because they does not come at a cheap price tag so you need to make up your mind about which console to buy.

Well a console junkie from United States have got a solution for this problem. Ed Zarick who has been spending a lot of time in modding gaming consoles came up with a solution of combining the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The guy has ripped up the gaming rules and made a hybrid console of his dreams by combining Xbox One and PS4 that you cannot ignore to see.

Ed, who is known by the name of “Eddie Zarick” on YouTube, spends a lot of time on deconstructing gaming consoles and modding them according to his needs, like making them portable or building custom housings for the consoles.

His latest project has stunned everyone and left a lot of questions for the companies. Ed has combined Xbox One and PlayStation 4 into a single housing calling it “Xstation” with the ability to swap between consoles at a flick of a switch. You can watch the video below to see how this experiment turned out to be.

Ed says, “I was not sure how I was going to accomplish this when I started, I went to cutting acrylic and ordering parts. After about two weeks and some problem solving, Xstation was born!”

Ed managed to keep the size of the Xstation as small as he could, its not much bigger than the original Xbox One and he has added some nice LED lights and a switch that enables the user to flick between the consoles quickly.

Ed quotes, “Both consoles are run into 2×1 HDMI switch which is controlled by an Arduino.”
“The Arduino also controls the status LEDs and the relay inside the console. When you push the switch button it will swap between the two systems. It will only provide power to one system at a time though. This is what keeps it cool – the console would become an oven if both were running at a same time, I am sure!”

This is surely a very impressive stuff and something that have not been done or seen before.

Want to know something very cool? You can actually order to own this or any one his projects by getting in touch with Ed.

Ed has already made Xbox One and PS4 laptops, YES!! A screen attached to the console that you can take anywhere with you. He called it PlayBook 4s, “You have some options for your custom PlayBook,” he says. “First off, you may choose the color i.e. black or white for the main case color. Then you can also choose the color of the accents – for those, pretty much any color can be chosen. Also, I will offer to put your Gamertag on the system if you choose.” I know that sounds really cool!

But the custom made awesomeness doesn’t come cheap at all, you’d have to pay around $1500 plus shipping and handling if you want to order Xstation.


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