8 easy ways to work online and make money from home

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With the high inflation rates and unemployment, it is not easy to live in today’s competitive world, without another part-time job or means of earning.

Normally, people don’t have the time to actually work part-time with an already hectic work schedule. Therefore, they resort to other ways like investments, through which they can potentially lose money too.

Luckily, with the advent of the Internet, it is quite possible to earn some easy money online from the very comfort of your home.

Create a Blog

You probably would have heard of this one. It is quite simple, just make create your own blog. Just make sure to put quality content on your blog site, and the blog should be updated on a regular basis. Leave the rest of the work to the advertising services, such as Google AdSense.

If your blog starts getting a lot of daily hits, you can easily earn a lot in revenue, when people on your blog would visit the advertisements through your site. In the long run, if your blog becomes a really successful one, then graphical advertising could also be possible. For this, companies would approach you once your blog has a really large user-base.

Sell Clothing, particularly T-shirts or Varsities

Most of us in schools or colleges are more likely to discuss the quotes on various T-shirts or Hoodies, and how funny or sarcastic they seem. You can exploit the fact that younger generation demands something unique. Therefore, design good quality T-shirts, and sell them online, targeting the younger generation for instance, through a Facebook page.

The profits can be huge if your business starts to take off. You can also design for other online companies who will use your designs to sell T-shirts and clothing, and then share the profits with you.


Be it a content writer for a website or offering your services online, freelancing is the new trend. If you happen to have a special skill set you can easily get programming jobs or Data Entry related etc. online. Through this, you can earn a decent amount of money this way. Moreover, in this field, you are your own boss, and the flexibility it offers can serve as a permanent replacement for your job as well. This depends though, on the quality of work you do, or on your skill set.

Domain Name Flipping

It isn’t that technical as it may sound. You just need to buy a domain name, play around with it, and then sell it a higher price. The concept is same as that in real estate business. You buy an old house, renovate it, and then resell it at a much higher price. In this case, a domain name would be the old house. There are tonnes of websites out there, which aren’t properly maintained, yet they have an uncapped potential which needs some thorough searching and planning.

Once you find such website, you need to buy it, and then with some extensive updates, you can easily resell it for a much higher price, just by making it more user and business friendly. An example of such would be of bird-cage.com which was bought for $1800 in 2005 and later sold for a whopping $173,000 just after two years – because of a good redesign.

Online Tutoring

This one is rather similar to general tutoring just that you teach online. The tutoring industry is growing day by day since there is more pressure on students to achieve better grades to go to good colleges. Therefore, with some education systems, not up to the standards, students need some personal guidance in certain areas of their courses.

You would most certainly need to have a really good internet connection for this one. The other student who could afford an online tutor would probably have a good internet connection too, so no worries there.

Though you would need to be qualified for this, and it is easy to do so, with some tests in your subject areas. These tests can then be submitted to online tutoring services like Tutor.com.

Sell stuff on eBay

It is quite simple. We all have some stuff at our places which we don’t really need. One can easily sell this stuff online for some quick cash. Moreover, you can also purchase things off from someone who is selling it cheap, and then later resell it on the web at a high profit, if that thing is valuable. You must set a reasonable minimum bid so that people shall actually buy your stuff. Furthermore, it is equally important to have a good positive rating on eBay, else your earnings may fall.

You can also make home-made goods, and then sell them online, which can lead to immense profits if they are in great demand.

SEO Reviewer

Search Engine Optimisation is a new trend these days. If you can serve as an SEO reviewer, you can make money easily. You are provided with some keyword combinations. Then you have to evaluate some task by judging user’s intent. After this, courtesy some given guidelines, you have to decide if the user’s intent related to that particular search result.

Though there are also some risks. You would have to have a good Anti-Virus software since your computer would be prone to unknown websites which could very well install malware on your PC. You could also have to view and review objectionable content such as pornography. On the contrary, the steady stream of income makes up for these shortcomings.


Yes, make a YouTube channel, get loads of subscribers, and then apply for monetization. For this to work, it requires not only effort but also luck. You would need to upload content on a regular basis to keep your subscribers interested. Many people have tried in this field and have succeeded too. You can very easily upload your own ‘vines’ or hilarious videos.

Or, you could try something sensitive too, like saving your own cultural heritage by uploading videos related to the matters. This way you can get subscribers fast enough, which can then be used to apply for monetization.

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