5 Tips to win a PUBG Mobile squad game

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If Fortnite has taken over the battle royale shooting game mode on Xbox and PS4, it’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) that is ruling on PC and Mobile. Both games have almost the same gameplay but PUBG is thought to be more realistic and challenging thus gathering millions of users from all over the world on its platforms specially on Mobile.

PUBG Mobile undoubtedly offers all the features that makes a battle royale game mode interesting and exciting to its extreme. World wide connection, chat rooms, real armors and ammunition, vehicles to drive, big and exciting maps with every detail covered, nice clothes, clear voice chats, cute gestures and much more.

You can play solo and duo but what makes PUBG mobile more attractive and fun is its Squad game where you can either get your friends in or play with random people and get your rank up faster. Mostly people have reached Diamond league or even Crown through Squad games because it is easier to win it with squad than in solo or duo. Here we are sharing 5 tips to make your squad win every game of PUBG mobile!

Play with your Friends:

A squad made up of random dudes can’t be cooler than having a squad of your own friends. If your best friends don’t play PUBG and have no idea what that is, you should at least try to engage them while playing the game around them. Chances are that they will join it alongside you seeing how competitive and fun the game is.

The game becomes much easier to win if your squad is all-friends; you would easily and without any hesitation communicate, which is an important factor if you want to have the chicken dinner. Friends won’t team-kill you, they wouldn’t let you die easily and would always come running to revive you if knocked out. They will share their collection of arms and ammunition if there’s something you want and they will watch your back. However, even if you’re unable to bring your real-life friends into the game, you can always make new friends out of the people you meet in the game.

Make a perfect Squad:

No worries if your friends aren’t in the game. You can always join squads from the global chat or your region’s to team up with people from all over the world. It would be good if you look for people who speak the same language as you. This will help you guys stay frank and interactive through out the game.


Chances to win a PUBG squad match double if the team communicates with each other in the game. It is very important for a successful victory-oriented match to have a team that is supportive and cooperate with each other. If you’re someone who avoid verbal communication, you can instead be interactive through chats as well. In any case, make sure that you stay alert and help your mates out whenever it is required.

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Communication among squad helps strengthening its power and you get to kill more rival gangs and collect your desired loot faster since your mates would be telling you where the stuff is lying or where are they getting attacked from, only if you return the favor in the same way.

Survive first, Attack later:

Mostly random squads get into the battle map without any strategy on, i.e landing on a crowded or famous places of the map which are likely to have a number of rival squads around and the game becomes more of a matter of luck than a good strategic one – Luck for squads who made it to the good guns first, got hold of them and killed the unarmed ones around, thus the fight ends for you before it even starts.

So if you and your squad intend to actually win the game and get your chicken dinner. You have to adopt the survive first, attack later strategy. Which can be best executed by choosing the places on the map that cater the chances of having less people. Small towns or houses at country side give you both time and supplies to help you reach the top 20s and fight the final battle.

Right collection of supplies:

As important it is to select the right spot on the map to land; you collecting the right guns and ammo is equally important. Know what weapon suits your style and how it is operated. For example, M416 and Scar-L are suggested for people who have hard time aiming for their shot as these guns don’t burst while shooting. Similarly, shot guns for those who are experts in aiming at the target.

It is also suggested to keep at least two vehicles while moving from one place to another and make sure, at least one person in the squad has collected the fuel as well. Keeping more vehicles in use give you more time to stay at one place looking for supplies and when the circle starts shrinking, you guys can instantly rush out.

So these are the 5 tips that we have learnt while playing and winning PUBG squad games making our way up to the Diamond league. Wish us luck for the Crown now and keep enjoying the winner winner chicken dinner!


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