5 Futuristic Innovations Ready To Change Our Way Of Life

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Everyone fantasizes a future where there will be flying cars, smart homes and AI bots performing​ various jobs and operations. But is all this really possible? or it is just some kind of science fiction or a fantasy? Well, it is isn’t difficult to answer as some part of this might actually come true in near future because technology is progressing up at a very rapid rate.

According to a recent study, there are five upcoming innovations that will really change the future to a great extent.

• AI Doctors:

The private company known as Babylon Health has started up a trial program by teaming up with five other corporations in which patients consult with an AI bot for non-emergency situations. This chatbot is provided with patients history and data according to which it advises the patient to either go to the pharmacy, stay at home or go to the emergency department.

This will help in places where there is the shortage of medical staff which will save the doctors time enabling them to concentrate on emergency situations rather than spending time on making the diagnosis. The main aim of the company is to develop artificial intelligence that will be able to outperform doctors and nurses. This will notably improve health provision and redefine clinical practices.

This all is not hard to imagine as there are already tons of Smartphone apps out there that keep track of your health and fitness, notices your behavior and activities and advises you to take precautions accordingly​.

If these AI frameworks can address these difficulties​ and concentrate on enhancing and improvising the healthcare practice then we will be able to see an increasing number of successful healthcare stories.

Image by natural news

• Smart Homes:

We are living in exciting times, many of our typical daily use items are already smart and can connect to the internet. But What if our homes were smart too?

There are tons of gadgets out there like smart meter which lets people see how efficiently energy​ is being used, other gadgets include remote door locks, smart heating control, smart lighting etc. Here the respective companies need to better understand the daily need of the people and their interaction with these smart devices to build up technology that would help people live a better and smart life.

Image: Megaleechar

A recent BBC report says to the energy providers, “Reduce costs for someone who allows their washing machine to be turned on by the internet to maximize use of cheap solar power on a sunny afternoon” or “to have their freezers switched off for a few minutes to smooth demand at peak times”.

Our home is a place where we should feel comfortable and secured. So the corporation will have to work significantly for spreading these technologies.

• Flying Warehouses And Self-Driving Cars:

Self Driving Cars and other vehicles are one of the futuristic inventions on which many namely companies are working. This technology, however, is currently being investigated that either it is safer than human drivers or they can make mistakes.

These vehicles use a multitude of sensors including 360° views and gather all the data around the vehicle. Google has already developed a Self-Driving and balancing bicycle that works on the same concept.

Self-driving robots have been launched and are being used in  for food delivery. These robots have cameras and security​ systems to monitor the surroundings. Such smart devices can potentially communicate with each other to avoid accidents and other circumstances.

Image by Business Insider​

Advancement is still required to enable these vehicles to drive autonomously on busy roads and traffic jams.

On another hand, flying warehouses are really going ahead as Amazon is already using this technology to send out autonomous drones to make deliveries.

• Care Robots:

Care Robots or Care Bots will be helpful depending on the work they would be able to do like for most people it is probably not useful to have a robot answering the door. But what if these robots are equipped with AI and serve as a receptionist where it is needed.

Robot Nurse

These bots will use voice and face recognition to interact with the visitor and see who they wish to visit or meet and guide them whether they are allowed to meet right now. They can further guide them towards the person they wish to visit.

Facebook is working on a software known as ‘Deep Face’. This software is based on Deep Learning and was able to recognize faces with 97.25 % accuracy.

• Virtual Secretaries:

Secretaries play an important role in business but most of their tasks​ can be automated like the organisation of a simple meeting by finding the right people around, check if they are available and sent out an invitation.

Image: Alicebot

Doodle.com is using this concept already to find person’s availability and the best meeting time. This is just an example and indeed these bots will be able to do more than just scheduling a meeting.

A major concern in this area is security and privacy as these virtual secretaries can be hacked or get attacked by a Ransomware. We will need to draw a line to carefully automate these machines to an extent where they will be safe to use.

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