Image: Fitbit

5 Best Smartwatches for Early 2019

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Smartwatches have been around for a long time, but they are getting popular only recently. The companies like Apple, Samsung, Casio, and Huawei are producing smartwatches regularly and working towards making them better and cheap day by day. People too are appreciating their usability and ergonomics as they are becoming increasingly popular.

A smartwatch can tell the time of course, but it has many other features up its sleeve that makes it a wonderful gadget. It can run many native apps, browse the web using voice commands, track your exercise and lets you pay using your wrist without the hassle to reach to your wallet in the pocket.

Many people still argue that the smartwatches should not exist, in their opinion smartphones are enough to keep them informed. They prefer the traditional analog watches as they are crafted with more precision and perfection. There are other people too who want all of their accessories connected in an ecosystem, and it lets them function more quickly. Smartwatches are a must for them.

The smartwatch industry is in a boom for some years, and it has put forth many innovative ideas in the industry. Manufacturers are pushing better and better smartwatches in the market. There is so much to choose from. Deciding what smartwatch to choose and which one is better for you has become a hassle. That is why we have compiled a list of smartwatches that will help you in deciding what smartwatch would be the best for your taste. So, without further wait let’s get into the list

Apple watch series 4

The best and one of the most expensive smartwatches of the list is Apple Watch 4 (or Apple watch series four if you are picky). Apple has finally updated the design of its Watch series, and it looks much better now. They have also increased the size so that you can get more screen space to interact. There is a choice between the 40mm or 44mm size, the display is wider and still has the most vibrant colors.

Image: Apple
Image: Apple

The speakers in this watch are louder than ever; It is the loudest watch of the list. The Watch OS5 is also greatly improved. They have now added ECG feature within the heart rate sensor which can turn out to be helpful at times. It can test your heart with relatively precise accuracy to see if you are in danger of getting atrial fibrillation. It will allow the better diagnosis of the disease and may turn out to be life-saving.

There are two downsides of the watch. One is you can only pair it with an iPhone if you have an android phone you will be better off getting another smartwatch instead. The other is battery life, it only lasts a day with a single charge which should be enough for many, but there are other watches that can last for four days with a single charge. The price can also be a downside but its a product of pseudo-monopoly. To read the full review of the watch click here. You can also check it out on Amazon here.

Samsung Galaxy watch

Samsung Galaxy watch is the successor of 2017’s best smartwatch Samsung Gear S3. The new name sounds cleaner and better than the previous ones. They have not only updated the name but also the features are greatly enhanced too. The best feature of this smartwatch is its battery life; the 46mm version can last around four days of extensive usage.

Image: digitaltrends
Image: digitaltrends

As always the watch looks classy and with the help of one of the best displays of the market you can also turn it into the regular analog watch if you love that look. Samsung opted for Tizen OS for its smartwatch. The rotating bezel still remains the highlight of the watch; it also makes this watch one of the most intuitive to use. If you are using a smartwatch for the first getting into the system is actually very tricky. Samsung rocked that with the rotating bezel, and it is very easy to use.

The only downside of the watch is its OS, Tizen OS has not as many apps as the Watch OS or the Wear OS. It still features core basics, and Samsung has enough features to keep you busy with the Watch. Additionally, the watch has good fitness trackers, and the sporting gear design adds a lot more to the watch. Lastly, it can be used with both Android and IOS devices. Check it out on Amazon here.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit is one of the biggest names in the world of fitness. The fitness freaks love their bands because of their OS and the overall functionality. They never tried their luck with the smartwatches until 2017. Now they have released two smartwatches, and both of them are fantastic pieces of hardware.

The Fitbit OS is the best in tracking your fitness routine; no other smartwatch OS has mastered the ability yet. The OS makes the watch unique. If you are one of those people, who track their fitness routines this watch is for you. It will automatically track all your exercises and you calories intakes for the day. The heart rate sensor is there that can track your heart with accuracy.

Image: Fitbit
Image: Fitbit

The only downside of this watch is that it does not have GPS. It can not track the distances of your jogs and your location. The design of the watch seems a little old. In the wrist, it does not feel as premium as some of the other watches in the list. However, it is one of the cheaper smartwatches with enough features you can find. Check it out here.

TicWatch E

You may have never heard of the brand TicWtach before. Its because they are relatively new in the world of Smartwatches. The fact that they are new in the world should not make you feel that their watches will not be as good as other watches in the list.

Image: Techradar
Image: Techradar

TicWtach E is one of the most loved smartwatches in the world. The reason behind this is the insanely low price tag and the feature set that suits everyone. In fact, the TicWatch E is the most affordable smartwatch on the list. It has a built-in heart rate sensor that works fairly accurately. The GPS here works wonders, among all the smartwatches the GPS here was the fastest that we tested. It works on Wear OS which means there are enough apps for you to play around.

All of the fitness features you can expect from a smartwatch are present. You can also take it without your phone, but you would not be able to receive calls which many other watches offer. The design is also premium looking but not as premium as the Apple watch or Samsung watch. The real highlight of the watch is the price. If you are low on a budget and want the best value for the money, this watch is for you. Check it out on Amazon here.

Apple Watch 3

It is the second watch from Apple in our list. Even though it was released in the last year, it still has enough power to make it in the of 2018. Apple Watch 3 is essentially a watch with new features in the frame of Apple watch 2. The bump in the features makes it a unique watch.

Image: Apple
Image: Apple

The design is okay; it is small but not enough. You can upgrade it to the latest OS. It is not as good as the new series 4 watches, but if you want an Apple watch that is a little less expensive, this should be the go-to watch for you. It is still water resistant you can have a 30-minute long swim with it on your wrist. The GPS onboard and the fitness trackers work like a charm too. Buy it from Amazon here.

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