5 Best Pregnancy Tests – least effort, accurate result!

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The joy of being pregnant is not something that could be put into words. And in order to relish the moment tenfold, there is no better way than to use an accurate reliable pregnancy test.

The answer to the pregnancy test is a life-changer so it’s always advised to use accurate methods and tests. So, before you break the news to everyone, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using the right test on the market.

To make the choice easier for you, we have a list of the best pregnancy tests in the market, that would guarantee to give accurate results.

First Response Manual test

Making it to the top of the list, so far it is the most reliable test available in the market. The test ensure to give best result and that too in a timely manner and at the moment it has the greatest percentage accuracy, ensuring the most reliable results at all times. The test has a sensitivity of 6.3miU/ml, which makes it the US top bestseller product.  A lower miU means that the test can predict accurate results even a good 6 days ahead of a missed period.

Using he test is pretty simple, simply urinate on the front of the test, wait a couple of minutes for the test to manifest the results. If you see one line, this gives away not, while two lines give away being pregnant.

Being the most reliable one on the list, the test is easy to use, simple to decipher and gives fast results with a slight delay of 3 minutes. Recommended time of using the test includes 6 days before a missed menstruation and in the morning to get the best results.

                                                                                                                                                         Price: $19.99 for two

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test

Making it to the second on the list, we have another manual test, which we only recommend if you somehow do not find our first pick in the market. Although making it to the second on the list, the test is not as accurate or speedy as the top ranked one. Although it is designed well with a good gripping end and a big absorbent pad, the features alone do not account to give the best of the results, for the test is not that sensitive and could hardly accurately give on to the early pregnancies. So we recommend you go for this option only if you do not happen to find the first pick in the market.

The display of the test bears a timer bar, which shows you the time you have to wait before the results of the test appear. The display is made to make being pregnant or not pregnant easy to decipher for instead of lines it clearly reads out “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” The test is quite affordable too, since a box comes with 5 trials, which means if not sure with the first one, you can go ahead and try 4 more times.

Clearblue bears a sensitivity level of 25 miU/ml, which might not seem much,  but in no way indicates that it is not a sensitive as the others on the market. This is evident from the stats that the test was able to accurately predict 80% of the pregnancies on the very first day of a missed period. So yeah you might want to give it a try.

Price: $24.99 for five


EPT Digital Early Pregnancy Test

Not happy with the manual tests, then go for EPT, a digital early pregnancy test. Although the test is digital, but it can in no way beat the manual tests in terms of accuracy and speed with which they display the the results.  What differs here is the additional sensor on the otherwise manual strip. The sensor, is there to detect the lines, which you can yourself examine after a minute or two. So yeah there is nothing much to offer in this case.

Yet his EPT test is almost as sensitive to the pregnancy hormone as the the Clearblue test we mentioned earlier, and the timing is also just on the same level. The display on the test has an hourglass sign to show its working and similar to the Clearblue, it reads out whether pregnant or not pregnant. Hence you forget the hassle of messing with the lines.

Price: $23.49 for two

Wondfo Pregnancy Test

The Wondfo test is just a simple strip minus the absorbent tip or the sensor. It is the standard pregnancy test, the one you dip into the cup of your urine. Not as fancy as those described earlier, Wondfo makes it to the number 4 on the rank list. The test is basic, time taking about 5 minutes for the result to appear and at the same time very cheap, for you end up paying almost a dollar for a single test.

So not up for the gadgets make use of these extremely cheap yet quite effective pregnancy strips. The strips are highly accurate, and unlike the above tests the pack here comes with a set of 25 strips or 50 strips. So yeah if not sure for the first trial, try it 24 more times.


It’s safe to assume the medical-grade strips come with as much accuracy as the two previous tests on our list, yet one must remember that these test don’t support the early prediction as the previous ones did, so yeah better be careful there.

Its usage also differs from the other tests. All one need to do is to urinate in a cup and place the strip into for abut 3 seconds. After that take it out of the cup and place it on a flat surface to examine. Roughly after 5 minutes you get your results. Two lines show a positive while a top solid line shows a negative. If a bottom line appears or no line appears, the test stands invalid.

Price: $9.59

ClinicalGuard HCG Pregnancy Test Strips

Last one on the list will not damage your wallet and you can use a ton of them without freaking out your wallet is the ClinicalGuard test strips. Te test in cheap and very easy to use and if you are not up for those mentioned earlier,this definitely is your best pick in the market.

Similar to the Wondfo strips, these tests are strips too with no absorbent tip or any other feature. Again all you have to do is to place the strip in your urine cup. Not much information is available regarding their accuracy, so we really can’t say much about it. But compared to all the strip type tests available in the market, this one is by all means the cheapest one, hence not heavy on your wallet at all.

The tests makes use of bands of color, testing for hCG and have a sensitivity of 25 miU.

The best part is that one package comes with a lot of tests, so you can retake as many times as you want. However, their sensitivity is not as much as those described earlier and without much info on accuracy, its better you use this test coupled with one from the above just to be sure.

                                                                                                                                               Price: $12 for fifty

With this we come to end to the list, so make the right choice and don’t let your happy moments get ruined by inaccurate results.

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