great mobile phones under $100

The 5 Amazing Mobile Phones under $100

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The world we are presently living in has entered the digital age and technology has developed at a rapid pace since the past two decades. Mankind has witnessed many advancements in every field possible. The field of communication has also undergone mind-blowing technological advancements. Innovations in this field such as mobile phones have completely changed the way we communicate today.

Since technology in the field of communication has advanced at a mind-boggling pace, the prices of mobiles have been changing and dwindling ever since the first mobile phone was introduced. Many mobile companies came and left this industry because they could not keep up with the pace of advancement in this field whereas some rose to prominence and attained such heights that they made a lasting name in this field for generations to come.

Mobile phones were once hardly affordable for the common man. But because of many new entrants in the mobile phone industry and newer versions of mobile phones being introduced every year, prices of mobile phones have dropped exponentially, making them affordable for everyone. At present, one can get an excellent mobile phone with all the latest features just under $100. In this article, we have enlisted some really great mobile phones available in the market just under $100.

ZTE Zmax Pro

mobile phones under $100

ZTE Zmax Pro is a low budget smartphone which has a solid build and an expansive screen. It has a 6-inch screen which one hardly finds in a smartphone ranging under $100. The big screen provides a 1080-pixel display and gives a very sharp and clear image when in use. It also has a fingerprint scanner along with a 13-megapixel camera.

The camera has a few useful tools too, like a manual mode that lets you adjust brightness, ISO levels, shutter speed and much more. One can also capture panoramic photos, slow-motion videos, and pictures with multi-exposures overlaid on top of one another. Since it is an Android-based mobile phone, it runs on Marshmallow version (6.0.1) of the same.

The phone does not have an NFC which is one of its drawbacks. It has a Snapdragon 617 processor which these days is not that fast a processor but runs all the apps smoothly. It comes with a 3400mAh battery which can run for a whole weekend without needing to be recharged. The battery life of this phone is simply amazing.

Acer Liquid Z410

mobile phones under $100

Acer Liquid Z410 is another low-budget smartphone with a price tag starting at $99. It is LTE supported smartphone which houses a quad-core 1.3GHz processor with an impressive RAM of 2GB. This kind of RAM is not at all common among most of the low budget phones.

The phone has a 4.5-inch big touch screen. It has a resolution of 854 x 480 which gives a very clear and prominent view of everything in the display. Its internal memory is about 16GB and supports two sim cards at a time (dual-sim smartphone). It has a 5-megapixel rear camera along with a 2-megapixel front camera.

It comes with a 2000mAh battery which is replaceable unlike in iPhones. This phone too runs on Android and supports KitKat version (4.4.4). Though this version of Android is a bit old, it supports the phone’s features smoothly. This phone’s body is quite sturdy and fits perfectly in the hand making handling it a breeze.

Moto G4 Play

mobile phones under $100

Motorola started its Moto G series in order to kick off a trend of affordable as well as feature-rich smartphones. The company has entered 4th generation in terms of its technical specs but it has branched out into several categories which range from under $150 and goes up to $600. This version of Motorola is the entry-level phone in the G series.

It is a solid device that houses a Snapdragon 410 microprocessor. The microprocessor is supported with a 2GB RAM that gives an extra kick to the mobile phone for its efficient performance. Furthermore, it has a 5-inch HD LED display which gives a high-quality resolution. It has an 8-megapixel camera at its rear and takes average photos in mixed light.

In low light, however, it struggles and the images tend to have a bit of noise in them. When it comes to selfies, photos look fairly natural and this phone comes pre-equipped with an optional beauty mode for photos. The Moto G4 Play shoots video at 30 frames per second (fps). It supports a 2800mAh battery which is easily removable.

Blu Studio C

mobile phones under $100

In the race of launching low budget smartphones, BLU also launched its latest model by the name BLU Studio C. It is a smartphone with a $99 price tag and is compatible with almost all of the GSM providing companies. BLU Studio C runs on Android Lollipop version which is a relatively older version but the phone runs smoothly and performs all functions without a glitch. Its 5-inch pure HD display is pure joy for its users. It also provides the most recent 4G connectivity.

The phone is equipped with a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, a 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. The power pack is about 2800mAh which overall gives an excellent battery time. The phone’s camera is equipped with a Sony IMX179 Sensor and a Largan lens. The 5 mega-pixels front camera is also equipped with a Largan lens.

Blu R1 HD

mobile phones under $100

In those times when even a $100 seem a lot, the Blu R1 HD comes to the rescue. This amazing phone starts at $50 but here’s the catch, you will have to deal with a few ads on your lock screen. If you’re not bothered by this too much, this phone is a great catch.

The phone feels great in your hand. There is no compromise on quality. It doesn’t just look and feel great, it runs great too. When it comes to performance, it does not lag behind many of the higher priced phones in the market. Its clean cuts and sleek design are accompanied by a decent software experience.

Although the camera is not something to write home about, it is quite basic and at this price, you can sure make a compromise on this one aspect of the phone. There is an option of getting the phone without the ads but the price increases to $99.

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