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They say pictures worth thousand words, and certainly they are not wrong about it especially when talking about how Social media application provides platform to the users through an amazing experience where not only words but pictures too can communicate their messages to the masses. Not just the pictures are used to disseminate the messages but to narrate the story and opens up the endless doors for the users to expand their horizon of thinking directly impacting the conceptions and their perceptions about the world in which they live

Where social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp and viber have allowed the users to share the pictures along with their messages.

Instagram is one such application amongst all that helps the power of pictures to be used to its greatest potentials. It would not be wrong to say Instagram –The world of pictures.

Introduced in 2010, this application of Instagram instantly gained popularity among photography lovers and selfie addicts. However with the recent advancements the application has now been upgraded technically, expanding its use further. From posting simple pictures with various filters available, Instagram is now the world of pictures where you could see the images from lower to higher definition large pixel images. An encyclopedia of images provides the photographers a huge audience on their compact devices to exhibit their talent on Instagram. Creativity is thus no longer bound by the availability of money to make itself imminent.

So lets have a look how Instagram has been evolved into a more signified pictorial application in recent years and how it has changed the preface of the society.

1) Digital Exhibition: Artists in previous times and still in fact uses large spaces and rooms to exhibit their artistic work to the audiences, this has been and is still indeed an expensive practice where fresh and young artists are left behind in the competitive society with the restrained money needed to show to their talent. Instagram, in such situation provides a huge digital web space for the fresh and young talent to show their creativity to the world. Owing to the recent advancements it is possible now to upload. This not only ease them with the heavy costs of real time exhibitions but there is an unlimited space available to show as much amount of work they want to show the audience any time.

2) Professionally edited-video sharing: It’s not the professional pictures the significance of Instagram is restricted to but it also allows the users to share the professionally edited videos as well. This feature has gained momentum among the media industry. As we all know how social media applications have altered the whole setup of communication industry. With the feature present of uploading a 15 second of video, news broadcasters, citizens, fighters or anybody else can show the world what’s happening in their part of the world.

Since people are now actively using social media over traditional media, broadcasters can share the pre-recorded, edited video as and when possible for the concurrent event, without having use the long words story to tell the world what actually happened.

This has been particularly true and Instagram among all the other social media application was extensively used by media professionals and journalists to report the minute by minute happenings in Syria. Instagram became one such tool to report and deliver videos of real catastrophe afflicting the Syrians in the cases where traditional media was out of reach to the people.

3) Business brand building: Instagram is an application targeting the young blood. Therefore, there the large number of instagram users are young to middle age and this makes it a perfect marketing platform for the huge and small businesses, sole traders , freelancers and home – based business owner to search and target their preferred consumer base and market their products in a much simple, easy and inexpensive way.

Big businesses though already have the huge budgets to expand their business, the Instagram application is particularly usefull for home based workers, such as dress designers, bakers, cooks who can share the recipes, can show in small videos the apparels to expand their business in the most inexpensive way.

Small road side cafes can share their locations, their everday day menu and their messages for the visitors. Following the same suit, businesses holding promotional campaign such as CSR related activities can extensively use the digital power to inform people about the events, date, timings, promotional activities and getting the news of their event their viral.


4) Shout- outs: Those using twitter would already be well aware with the feature of shout- out. Where tagging, following trends and introducing new trends, tagging other users all such stuff helps the people to gain large number of followers on their accounts. Large number of follower means, more likes and comments and thus a more feedback and response on the messages. Such activities help the people and business to stay connected and getting viral their content.


So here we saw, how Instagram has changed the preface of the society and replaced many things. Its no longer just limited to a personal space where the users with its limited group of friends and social circle would share its all day long activities through images.


In the end it could be concluded that, instagram has become a fastest and easiest way to communicate and get the message viral instantly. However, its pretty much sure the use of instagram has still not reached its maximum, but we rather can expect more and more fascinating advancements to see how it makes our life more easy and excited.



















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