4 Best Selfie Lights

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Good lighting is essential for any photo, but its even more important for taking selfies. Smartphone cameras have come a long way, especially the front camera ever since the selfie trend went mainstream. For many smartphone users, the front camera is more important than the back camera, even though the latter still outperforms the former.

Although phone front cameras have improved considerably over the past few years, sometimes they still fall short, especially in low light conditions. Phone manufacturers try to help by adding a front flash but it’s not that effective in creating a good image. Therefore, selfie lights become really important in taking good selfies and given how important selfies have become, here some of the best selfie lights you can find:

Ring Light

The Ring Light ensures that the images you take with your camera don’t suffer from poor lighting conditions. It has 36 LEDs in its ring-like structure that help in offering the best lighting possible for a selfie. It’s also pretty small and light, so it’s highly portable. Therefore, you can carry it with you wherever you want and take great photos on the fly.

Many LED selfie lights come with batteries, however, you need to change those batteries from time to time. However, with the Ring Light, you have a battery on board which you don’t need to remove, you can just charge it whenever its running low. Apart from its portability and overall good lighting, it comes with other features too.

The Ring Light also offers adjustable light settings which let users be a bit more creative with the photos they want to capture. The device has good reviews online and there’s even a 100% money back guarantee. The price of the light is fairly cheap as well at just $12.99. Overall, it’s a decent product that’ll light up your selfie no matter where you are. You can purchase it from Amazon here.

Neewer Camera Photo Studio

Neewer’s primary purpose is not to be used as a selfie light, but it can definitely be used as one. In fact, the Neewer Camera Photo Studio can be used as a professional lighting tool due to its versatility and the tools that it provides. It’s a pretty durable and flexible device that’s made in a way so that it can be carried around anywhere so you can get professional-level photos.

The product comes with a bunch of tools including a stand which lets you place the light anywhere, ensuring that your photos never come out dimly lit. Although it may not seem as convenient as portable selfie lights, Neewer will definitely provide better quality photos than the rest. Moreover, it’s not just for selfies, it can be used for loads of different type of photos.

For example, Neewer is great for portrait photos. It’s a bit expensive compared to the other items in this list, but keep in mind that this is a professional grade light stand. Therefore, Neewer is perhaps one of the best lighting options out there, not just for selfies, but for other photo modes as well. You can purchase it from Amazon here.


The UINSTONE selfie light sits right in front of your phone and it uses the “one fits all” formula, which actually works in this case. The light can fit on top of any device, be it an iPad, iPhone or an Android phone. It’s pretty similar to many of its rivals, which is not surprising given that there’s not much you can do to make a selfie light stand out. However, the quality of the product is what matters and UINSTONE delivers on that front.

It’s becoming a standard for selfie lights to include 36 LED lights and this one is no different. However, these lights more often than not also mean that your light will consume a lot of power which means you’ll have to replace batteries constantly. However, the UINSTONE comes with its own rechargeable battery which you can simply plug into a charging adapter for a few hours.

It’s also pretty convenient to carry around as it sits on top of your phone. The UINSTONE is currently one of the highest rated selfie lights out there due to its great quality. It’s an inexpensive option that’s definitely good value for money. It can also be used in emergency situations as a flashlight, so this light, in general, is a pretty decent one. You can purchase one from Amazon here.

Selfie Light

Appropriately named, this light does great in capturing selfies with poor lighting conditions. The great thing about this light is that it not only comes in different colors, but you’re not limited to just your smartphone when using this device. You can easily hook it up to your laptop and use it for video calls if you wanted to.

Selfie lights are more or less same as there’s not much one can do to make their product stand out. The way firms usually make such a product stand out is by combining good quality with a low price strategy. However, the Selfie Light does that and does something unique that indeed makes the product stand out from the rest.

The Selfie Light comes with a nice 1500 mAh rechargeable battery which is actually a multi-purpose battery. It’s not only this big for ensuring the selfie light runs for a long time, it’s also there for emergency situations. If your phone is low on battery, you can use the Selfie Light to recharge your phone (as much as you can) using the 1500 mAh battery of the light.

The light also has different brightness features which can really have a major impact on the quality of the image. However, each brightness level has their own level of power consumption too. Therefore, the brighter the light, the lesser the battery life. You can expect on average 12 hours on low brightness, 6 hours battery life on medium and only 2 hours on full brightness.

Overall, the product is a decent one which does exactly what it sets out to do. It’s phone charging capabilities set it apart from its competitors as it can really help out in emergency situations. To top it all off, it costs just below $14. You can buy it from Amazon here.

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