4 Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers

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Muscle aches in the neck and shoulder region are pretty common nowadays. This is because of the fact that many people spend most of the time in awkward postures for the body which usually affect the shoulders and neck muscles. Therefore, in order to relax those muscles, a good massage regularly can go a long way in ensuring healthy muscles.

A lot of research has gone into the health benefits of massages but not everyone has the time to get a massage every other week. However, most of the health benefits can be obtained through neck massages such as reduced stress levels, increased relaxation and decreased inflammation. There are many massage devices that can provide all those benefits which means you can relax at home whenever you want without having to go out for it. Here are some of the best neck and shoulder massagers out there which you can buy right now:

Gideon Neck Massager

Controlled with only a few buttons, the Gideon Neck Massager is great for relaxing those neck muscles, especially for those people with different health conditions. Shaped like a cushion, it’s highly portable so you can use it anywhere you like.

One of the best things about this neck massager is that it has a long power cord. Many neck massagers become limited in their use because they have small power cords. Therefore, even if they’re dubbed as portable, they’re not truly portable because it’s not possible to have a power switch really close by at all times. However, the Gideon Neck Massager not only has a seven-foot power cord, it also comes with a car charging adapter so you can use it even in your car.

The Gideon Neck Massager is for those people who’d like to relax anywhere they’d like. It also works really well with office chairs, sofas, or if you’re laying down. Overall, it’s a decent product capable of fulfilling an average person’s needs. It’s also not that expensive at just under $35; you can find it here on Amazon.

PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager

You usually see these type of devices with physiotherapists so you may not be comfortable using a device like this at first, however, once you get used to it, it’s pretty good. It’s completely different from other massage devices as it uses electrical pulses to “stimulate” the muscles. According to physiotherapists, this “resets” the muscle and gets it working which in turn soothes any pain you might’ve had in that area.

If you’re worried about whether these electrical pulses are safe or not, the PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager is FDA approved and the fact that many physiotherapists use a similar device makes it a pretty safe options. It’s also not that expensive when compared to other alternatives, making it a highly desirable product. There’s also no power cord, so you can take it anywhere with you without having to worry about plugging it in somewhere.

Instead of using a power cable, the device uses AA batteries which last a few hours. The PurePulse has a lot of settings available so you can choose which one is the right one for you. Overall, the device works pretty well and does what its supposed to do. You can purchase it from Amazon here.

SIMBR Neck Massager

Although the primary focus of this article is to find the best massage devices for the neck and shoulder region, the SIMBR Neck Massager is a multi-purpose massager that’s able to provide comfort to multiple areas of your body. The SIMBR focuses on the different pressure points of your body and also stretches and rotates your different limbs to provide pain relief.

In order to ease out the knots in the muscles, the device uses eight different rollers similar to the ones in those large massage machines you might’ve sat on at some point. These rollers can be used anywhere including the arms, legs and back in order to relax your muscles. However, these rollers may feel very mechanical and it certainly might not feel like a human massage.

In order to tackle this, the device has a bit of heat with it which is there to mimic the heat in the hands, so that it feels as close to a human massage as possible. There are many other features that the device has to offer such as a timer, the option to increase or decrease the intensity and much more. The device is great value for money as it doesn’t cost much but offers a bunch of features, Overall it’s really good especially because it can help relax your entire body instead of just the neck and shoulders. You can buy it from Amazon here.

Brookstone- Shiatsu Neck Massager

Although it’s more expensive than the rest of the options on this list, the Brookstone Neck Massager more than lives up to the price. It has a “premium” feel to it, it’s highly versatile and gets the job done in the most effective and satisfying way possible.

One of the key things about this massager that makes it great is the fact that you are in direct control over where you want it to work. This means that you can target some very specific muscles that are bothering you, a luxury many other massagers don’t usually provide. You can also monitor and alter the intensity which is also great.

Apart from looking premium, the material used in the making of the Brookstone massager looks sturdy and reliable which means it’ll probably last for a long time. There is also heat in this massager too which enhances the massage¬†experience even further and perhaps the best thing about the massager is its user-friendliness. You can operate it using only three buttons, through which you can control main things such as turning the device on or off or adjusting heat and intensity levels.

The Brookstone Neck Massager is certainly one of the most effective massagers out there which, along with all its other features really justifies its price and turns it into a great value-for-money product. Overall, the Brookstone doesn’t disappoint and it’s certainly among the few massagers out there which are capable of reaching difficult knot areas in the body. You can purchase it from Amazon here.


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