4 Best and Affordable Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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Riding a bike is so much fun but it also comes with a higher risk of injury when compared to a car driver as bikers don’t have the same GPS, music, or comfort luxuries as car drivers do. Moreover, it’s highly risky to talk to someone when driving a motorbike, so asking for directions or just communicating with your fellow riders becomes a huge hurdle.

However, there’s a way motorbike users can enjoy all these luxuries without having to spend too much money. Bluetooth helmets are becoming increasingly popular now because apart from being a safety device, it’s becoming useful for all sorts of things. You can take calls, communicate with fellow riders, listen to music, connect to your phone and do all sorts of things with a Bluetooth helmet. With that said, here are some of the best bluetooth motorcycle helmets you can purchase right now:

1. ILM Modular Flip-Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The ILM Bluetooth helmet comes with a lot of features while laying a lot of emphasis on its communication capabilities as well as safety. The helmet comes with a fully integrated Bluetooth setup with an mp3 intercom built-in. The intercom comes with headphones and a microphone, which makes communication really convenient.

Design and Features

The ILM is a full-face helmet which comes with a modular design where the whole front of the helmet can be flipped up. The modular design choice makes it easier for the user to take it off or put it on. If you generally find helmets uncomfortable, you can simply flip it up while at a traffic stop to take it off. The design also makes sure that the helmet is resistant to high-speeds so that it doesn’t lift up when you drive fast.

The ventilation is also up to the mark as the helmet comes with three different air intake vents. This ensures that the motorcycle helmet remains comfortable in all weather conditions and in long distance rides. However, the ventilation also does mean that there will be a lot of noise in the case of heavy wind or high speeds, which makes it hard to hear and in general, is really annoying for the driver.

Safety and comfort

As far as safety is concerned, the ILM has a strong shell and good shock absorption. There’s an inner visor in place as well that adds an extra layer of protection for your eyes which also protects them from harsh lights too. The helmet has official certifications as well as it’s DOT-approved and it also has ECE certifications for its visors.

DOT certification is a safety measure check by the federal government. The ECE certification is the more rigorous, European version of DOT. Therefore, having both certifications makes the helmet really safe.

On the current Amazon listing, the helmet only comes in two sizes. Therefore, it may not be as comfortable if the size of the helmet differs a lot from the size of your head. However, size issues aside, the helmet is pretty comfortable for all the reasons mentioned above. It has good ventilation which makes it great for long rides and the airflow especially comes in handy during the summer. Moreover, the flip-up design makes putting on and taking off the helmet extremely convenient, thus eliminating any physical discomfort one would face when using a full-face helmet.

Bluetooth and Sound

The helmet comes with a fully integrated Bluetooth intercom with Bluetooth 3.0 technology. One of the key things that riders want with their communication device is long range, and the ILM helmet provides just that. With a range of 1000 feet, the intercom system is usable over long distances and it’s something a lot of drivers will appreciate.

The Bluetooth receiver that goes into the helmet is included in the package. Once you insert it into its port, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. You can also charge it without needing to take off the helmet. The helmet features one-touch controls which makes taking and making calls really convenient when driving a motorbike. Also, you don’t need to worry about charging it all the time as it comes with an impressive standby time of 110 hours and a talk time of 8 hours.

There are two high-quality built-in speakers inside the helmet which is responsible for full stereo, high-quality sound. Furthermore, there’s an echo cancellation system built into the helmet which greatly enhances the ILM’s ability to suppress noise. Therefore, even though the ventilation might cause noise problems, the sound quality is still decent thanks to the echo cancellation mechanisms inside the helmet.


Overall, the ILM modular helmet is a pretty decent choice as it has almost all the features you would need. The focus of the helmet is on communication features which is why it has a long range integrated Bluetooth intercom. The only issues with the helmet are the lack of available sizes and the lack of extra safety features.

However, the build quality, sound quality, echo cancellation and the price significantly outweigh the negatives of the helmet. Therefore, making it a good choice for anyone wanting something decent without having to spend too much money. You can buy it from Amazon at a very reasonable price.

2. Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

The Origine Pilota comes with a stylish look that’s also really comfortable to wear. The helmet takes the classic motorbike helmet design and brings new looks and features to make the design feel fresh and unique. The design, its ease of use, and most importantly its handy Bluetooth features make it an excellent companion for riders.

Design and Features

By just looking at the 3/4 helmet design, it comes off as the type of helmet someone driving a scooter would wear. However, the helmet makes the design work and the different colors, especially the black one make it look extra classy. The helmet itself weighs only 4 pounds, so it’s not too heavy and not too light, so it’s at the optimum level of weight a helmet should be.

The helmet comes in multiple colors and in different sizes. Many might take this for granted but not every helmet is for everyone. Some helmets are better suited to certain types of people, however, that is not the case with the Origine Pilota. Each size comes with an adjustable strap so the helmet is made for everyone. The colors make the helmet really stand out and there are also two-color combo options available too which look really nice.

For ventilation, the flip-up shield at the front of the helmet is pretty convenient. It lets users lift it up or pull it back down with ease whenever they want. This may seem trivial but as a person who drives a motorbike, there are many helmets that come with the shields fixed. When the shields are fixed, sometimes it gets really uncomfortable especially during long rides or in traffic jams. Therefore, instead of having to take off the helmet you can just flip up the shield which makes it really convenient.

The flip-up shield also comes with metal thumbscrews so if you want to change your shields, you can. Furthermore, the shape of the shield allows for breathing space for the nose while protecting your eyes. Overall, the helmet is designed in such a way that you don’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable when you wear it.

Safety and Comfort

The helmet’s goal to maximize comfort is driven home by the fact that you can remove the helmet’s internal padding. This is a great feature to have in a helmet because it not only prevents your helmet from getting dirty from the inside, but it also prevents it from getting smelly due to sweat because you can just remove it and wash it. Overall, the design ensures maximum user comfort whilst keeping the look as classy as possible.

When it comes to the most important aspect of a helmet, the safety, the helmet makes no compromises. The Origine Pilota is perfectly safe. It also has DOT and ECE certification which guarantees its safety capabilities. The helmet is nice and sturdy and there isn’t much to worry about, especially since it has both the coveted safety certifications.

Bluetooth and Sound

The Pilota isn’t just a comfortable, good-looking helmet. The best thing about the helmet is its Bluetooth. The integrated Bluetooth inside the helmet ensures that you don’t need to stop driving in order to take a call. It also removes your phone from the equation entirely as you won’t need it while driving.

As the name suggests, the helmet comes with BLINC Bluetooth. All you need to do is sync your phone with it, and that’s it. You don’t need your phone after that, nor do you need any earphones, the helmet does the rest for you. There’s a button on the side of the helmet that’s easily accessible, even when driving. Press the button to take incoming calls and it’s as easy as that.

One key aspect that determines whether helmets like these are good or not is the sound quality, and the Pilota does well on that front as well. There are speakers built into the ear-pockets which makes it easy for the sound to reach you. The speakers are decent enough for calls, but can also be used for listening to music when driving. There aren’t many helmets out there that are able to deal well with noise problems because of all the ventilation that goes into them. However, the Origine Pilota passes all tests with flying colors.


The Origine Pilota is a high-standard, durable helmet that’s primarily for those people who’re looking for comfort and the ability to talk without touching their phones. The design is a nice blend of old and new, the helmet itself is safe to use and it has a decent integrated Bluetooth system. Overall, it’s a nice helmet that’s not too costly either. You can buy it on Amazon.

3. O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

As mentioned earlier, not every helmet is for everyone. There are some helmets that are designed specifically for certain people in mind. The O’Neal Commander helmet is one of those helmets as it’s primarily there for people with smaller heads. If you meet the size criteria, this helmet is no pushover, it delivers quality performance at an affordable price.

Design and Features

The commander comes with a stylish design that does well in looking good due to the yellow and black color combination. However, apart from the look, there’s a lot inside that makes this helmet worthwhile. The outside of the helmet is made up of anti-scratch material, which goes to show how committed the manufacturers were in maintaining the good looks of the helmet.

The helmet also comes with an interior sunshade that’s spring-loaded which you can activate by the push of a button. In order to retract it, you simply pull a lever, there’s a lot of simplicity to the design as well which makes the helmet even better. The helmet is also able to make good use of its large surface area on the sides by adding plenty of buttons, for different purposes. There is the button to accept calls, control volume, and the button to control the sunshade.

The face-shield and optics of the helmet are decent as well and perhaps the best part about the shield is the quick-release system. It lets you take the shield out, for replacement or cleaning purposes and reattaching the shield is as easy as just pressing it against the base plate. Like plain motorbike helmets, you can slide up the shield too for a breath of fresh air, which is always a nice thing to have.

The ventilation in the helmet is pretty good too. What makes the ventilation in this helmet better than other helmets out there is how it’s able to strike a balance between good airflow and noise reduction. There’s always a tradeoff in many helmets between good airflow and noise. If there’s good ventilation, then there’s likely to be a lot of noise due to the wind which can be annoying. However, the adjustable vents here work really well.

The ventilation system integrated into the helmet is able to draw in cool air and extract the hot air out which is really helpful especially in hot weather. There’s also a vent on the chin bar of the helmet that minimizes shield fog, which is a problem that many helmets often overlook. Noise reduction is made possible through the removable washable liner which helps in making a seal around the ear. The liner also amplifies the sound coming from the speakers, so the ventilation system overall is really well done for this helmet.

Safety and Comfort

The helmet is pretty comfortable and if you actually remove its comfort liner, you’ll get to see a nice multi-piece and multi-density EPS liner. The material inside is much softer and it also works well with the ventilation system put in place make the experience as comfortable as possible. There are washable and removable parts inside the helmet which includes the padding ensures that you have a nice, comfortable experience when using the commander.

As far as safety is concerned, the helmet is really safe. The shell of the helmet is made of ABS and polycarbonate and it’s the opposite of the soft internal padding. The perimeter of the helmet is strong, firm, and what makes it even better is the fact that the internal padding and EPS liner also help with impact absorption. To top it all off, the helmet has DOT and ECE certifications, so it’s as safe as it can get.

Bluetooth and Sound

The O’Neal Commander features a rechargeable Bluetooth system that comes with a lithium polymer battery. The helmet can connect with other similar Bluetooth helmets so you can talk to other riders as well while on the road. However, that’s not the only thing you can do with this helmet as you also have the standard Bluetooth features for pairing to phone and other compatible devices as well.

The battery is pretty decent as you can get 10 hours of talk time and 130 hours of standby. It’ll be some time before you need to recharge the helmet again. The controls are pretty simple, there’s only one button that you need to press on the side that’s easily reachable during rides. This button will be responsible for pairing, answering calls and all your Bluetooth and communication-related work.

Another cool thing about the helmet is its range. The O’Neal Commander has an impressive 118-foot range which is good enough for traveling with people. A lot of users have appreciated the range of the device, which also goes to show that it’s not false advertising either. You can listen to music, navigate by connecting to GPS or answer calls using the Bluetooth 2.0 integrated into the device.

The sound is really good too. The speakers inside the helmet are already decent, but given how the ventilation system is set up, it gets even better. The ventilation of the helmet is able to create a seal around the ears, which not only reduces wind noise but also acts as a speaker amplifier, which enhances user experience considerably.


The O’Neal commander, for its price, has a lot of premium features which a lot of motorbike users can appreciate. It takes into account everything that’s most desired by motorcyclists and tries to fit them all into one perfect helmet. Of course, the only downside to the helmet is that it doesn’t come in larger sizes. However, if your head size matches the size of the helmet, this is perhaps the best option out there for you. The helmet can be bought from Amazon by clicking here.

4. HJC CL-MAX II Bluetooth Sports Bike Motorcycle Helmet 

The HJC CL-Max II is a nice and comfortable sports bike helmet that tries to strike a balance between performance and convenience. The helmet does a decent job in achieving this, and due to this, you won’t see any flashy design or anything over the top. Everything is focused on ensuring the best user experience and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.

Design and Features

When looking at the helmet, you’ll immediately notice that the helmet doesn’t feature any out of the ordinary color scheme. It makes do with the basic colors that helmets usually adopt along with a few graphics if you get the black one otherwise, it just looks like any old helmet.

The internal shape of the helmet is slightly rounded, so anyone with a rounded head would be the most comfortable with this helmet. The design of the helmet makes it easy to take it on or off and it’s also available in multiple sizes which is also a plus point. In terms of visibility, the CL-Max is also above average as it doesn’t let the overall design and shape create visibility problems.

Perhaps the best feature of the helmet is the face shield and how easy it is to control. There’s only one button that you need to press for the face shield and chin bar release which is really convenient. It’s really hard often with other helmets when dealing with the face shield, however, HJC makes life much easier by adding the single-button feature.

Moreover, the face shield on the CL-Max has 95% UV ray protection which means your skin won’t feel burnt by the time you arrive your destination, it’s a real problem that HJC addresses with their helmet’s face shield. The tool-less shield replacement system also further proves how HJC is dedicated to making sure the helmet as convenient for their users as possible, it just makes the process a lot simpler.

The ventilation system incorporated inside the helmet is also smart. The liner inside the helmet has openings at the front, for inflow of air and then there are openings at the back to let the air out. Therefore, having air flow at not just the front but the back as well makes sure the helmet doesn’t get too hot while driving. The ventilation in this helmet is pretty satisfactory overall, especially given the price.

Safety and Comfort

The CL-Max features a lightweight, polycarbonate shell and has an overall nice and sturdy build quality. The liner and padding are comfortable, which is what is required. The padding also feels soft, but a bit thick as well and the liner fabric is also smooth and comfortable.

What makes a helmet more comfortable for everyone is at the ears. If a person is comfortable there, it’s likely they will disregard everything else and be satisfied with the helmet. HJC recognizes the importance of this by providing a nice seal and cushioning around the ears for the helmet which is a lot more comfortable than many helmets out there. The seal is also really good which helps reduce a bit of noise and there’s enough room to even wear a pair of sunglasses as well.

Safety-wise, it’s decent as well as the helmet has an overall decent build quality. The face shield is up to par by adding not only physical protection but protection from nature too. The helmet is also DOT approved which instantly raises its safety credentials significantly. Moreover, it meets the FMVSS 218 Standard which is a safety standard issued by the Snell Memorial Foundation in the US.

Bluetooth and Sound

There are two types of Bluetooth helmets. There are those with integrated Bluetooth systems, that do not require any external Bluetooth device. All you need to do is connect your phone or whatever you want to connect via Bluetooth with the helmet and you’re good to go. The other type of helmet is where the helmet itself is Bluetooth compatible, but you need to connect an external Bluetooth device in order to pair it with your other devices.

Unfortunately, the HJC CL-Max does not come with integrated Bluetooth, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Many helmets with built-in Bluetooth systems are not up to the mark, and having a built-in system eliminates the freedom one would get in choosing their own Bluetooth system. With that said, the sound is not bad, although wind noise can cause problems.

Even though there is wind noise, the sound system is able to do well and the large ear-pockets with their thick padding help in reducing noise significantly. Overall, it’s a quiet helmet, not one of the quietest by any means, but it holds up well whilst providing decent sound.


Although the helmet looks like your typical motorbike helmet, it’s able to get the job done. There are not many helmets out there which will be as convenient and comfortable as this one given its price range. One of the reasons why the HJC CL-Max is so popular is the fact that it beats all other flip-up helmets at this price range.

The only real downside to the helmet is that despite the thick padding, it can get a bit noisy. There’s also the lack of an integrated Bluetooth system which undermines the convenience aspect of the helmet. However, looking at the positives and the negatives, the former outweighs the latter. Overall, the helmet is decent, with plenty of sizes available, so it’s highly unlikely you won’t find one that suits you. The helmet is available for purchase on Amazon here.

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