360 degrees Live Facebook streaming with Essential’s Camera Module

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Essential’s updated camera modular allows 360 degree live streaming with Facebook Live.

The Essential Phone is now capable of streaming 360-degree video to Facebook live. The company has sent out a camera software update for the handset that enables it to stream live 360-degree video to the world’s largest social network from the native camera app. However, in order to do this, Essential Phone owners need to have the Essential 360 Camera module as well. This won’t be possible without it.

This functionality has been enabled with the camera software update that Essential Phone has rolled out. It requires no additional software or configuration. The ability to stream 360-degree video live to Facebook becomes available as soon as the Essential 360 Camera is attached to the handset’s magnetic accessory port at the back.

If you didn’t purchase the Essential Phone initially because you thought that it was too expensive, perhaps you might want to consider it now after the company has slashed the price twice in about a month.

Immerse your friends and family in a moment as it unfolds around you. Starting today, you can now broadcast Facebook Live 360 straight from Essential Phone and Essential 360 Camera. Find out how: https://t.co/4MEO5kQV4k pic.twitter.com/UoMhqI2uro

— Essential (@essential) November 9, 2017

The company also published a blog post, explaining how users of the Essential Phone can use the new functionality. To stream in 360 degrees on Facebook, you’ll need to go live from within the 360 Degree app, then log on to Facebook to start the stream. The camera is capable of supporting spatial audio, which means viewers can turn in various angles to hear more (or less) of a certain sound coming from a different direction.

It can also support streaming in either 4K or 2K, which users can select before going live. In a blog post detailing today’s update, Essential additionally offers ways to upload 360-degree content shot on the camera to various media platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Image: Mashable

Steps include connecting the modular accessory to your phone, tapping tap 360° Live in the 360 Camera app, and followed by a tap on the red “Live” camera icon. Once that is done, log in to your Facebook account, provide required permissions to the camera, and start streaming.

So enjoy the new feature aided in the Essential mobile, bringing new dimensions and colors together in the 360 degree streaming. Give your live streams a different edge and set them apart from the usual boring streams. Nevertheless you would have to buy the Essential phone to utilize the amazing feature, since the modular is supported to the Essential phone alone. But considering the price and the service offered it is not that bad of a deal!

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