2020 Tesla Model Y: Underwhelmingly Perfect

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The wait is finally over! Tesla has just revealed its first entry-level SUV. It’s called the Model Y and it is exactly what we expected it to be. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, revealed it himself at Tesla’s Design Studio in Los Angeles and it’s expected to hit the markets in 2020.

The Model Y is the fourth car in Tesla’s current lineup and takes place as a more affordable SUV compared to the Model X. It is to the Model X as Model 3 was to the Model S. However, it’s much more roomier and practical than the Model 3. Its introduction also completes the S3XY lineup joke that Elon Musk planned over a decade ago. But enough with Easter Eggs. Let’s look at what this SUV has to offer.

Image: Peisert Design


There are 3 trim levels of the Model Y: StandardLong Range, and Performance. The Standard is only available in RWD while you can get both RWD and AWD with Long Range. The Performance, however, is only limited to the AWD. The power figures aren’t yet, but we do know some performance numbers.

0-60mph happens in 5.9 and 3.5 seconds on the Standard and the Performance variant respectively. This shows that there is a significant difference in performance between trim levels. The top speed shares a similar trend. The base maxes out at 120mph while the top-of-the-line one at 150mph. You get the longest Range with the RWD Long Range variant at 300 miles and the shortest one with the RWD standard at 230 miles. the Performance can go a respectable 280 miles.


Image: Tesla

Right off the bat, it’s important to announce that the Model Y did not inherit the Falcon Wing doors from its bigger brother. But that was kind of evident, considering the fact that the Model Y was aimed at a lower price point. What was not expected, was the overall look. It wasn’t unique.

In fact, it looked so much like the Model 3 that when it was revealed, the response was underwhelming, to say the least. It shares most of the front fascia, including the headlights, with the Model 3. To be fair, we should’ve seen this coming. The Model X also looks a lot like the Model S, which it is based on. However, the Falcon Wing doors gave the Model X a separate identity and the Model Y should’ve had some distinguishing feature as well.


Image: Tesla

It’s a similar story with the interior of the Model Y. It’s similar, if not the same, to the Model 3. This means that you get the same simplistic interior with just a giant touchscreen in the middle with no other buttons or switches. The steering wheel has the familiar twin adjusters that adjust whatever has been selected on the touchscreen.

All the information and I mean ALL of it is displayed on the touchscreen in the middle. That includes the speedometer, range left and even the turn signal indicators. It may seem highly inconvenient at first but gets better once you get used to it. You also get a panoramic sunroof, like in the Model 3. I wish it’d adopted Model X’s sunroof that seamlessly joins the windshield. However, the Model 3 makes it up by having the ability to seat 7 which is impressive considering the market segment it is aimed at.


This is where the Model Y redeems itself. It may lack some features we wished it had but then we forget what it was intended to be. An affordable, entry-level, small, family SUV. It’s priced accordingly. It starts at $39,000 with the Standard variant. The top-tier Performance can be obtained for $60,000.

It may be more expensive than the Model 3 but then its more the car. What you need to know is that it’s much cheaper than the Model S and X which start at $74,500 and $79,000 respectively. In my opinion, it’s aptly priced and would be a great choice for people who want an eco-friendly, affordable and practical SUV that’s made by one of the most revolutionary manufacturers of all time.

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