2020 iPad Pro will disconnect Microphone when the lid is closed

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Apple seems to be moving in the right direction with its new 2020 iPad Pro as the new tablet has a feature that will completely cut off the microphone when the lid is closed. Yes, you read that right. Before now the microphone on your iPad Pro could be accessed by a third party app or the OS itself even with the lid closed.

Unlike the software permissions that we have seen earlier, this feature cuts access from a hardware level which means no amount of hacking can bypass it. This isn’t exactly a new feature as it was present on MacBooks since 2018. The reason Apple couldn’t implement it on iPad is that unlike MacBooks, iPads don’t have a physical lid that can help complete the process.

Image: Apple.com

Some may wonder that iPads still don’t have a lid so how does it work now? Well, it works with the help of a case that has a “Made for iPad” certification. When the case is closed over the display, the microphone is completely cut off and no one can spy on your conversations. This means that if you have plans to get the new iPad, it would be wise to get it with Apple’s own Smart Folio or Smart Keyboard Folio cases.

This feature was first pointed out by 9to5Mac as it was outlined in Apple’s Platform Security Guide. It specifically highlighted that this would not be limited by any software so that in case of a hack, the privacy can remain intact. In fact, back then there existed a Fruitfly Malware that allowed hackers to gain access to the keyboard, mouse, and webcam of the MacBook.

As expected, people who are paranoid about being spied on, which includes more than half the population, welcomed this feature. This seems to be a strategically wise move by Apple and will probably increase its iPad sales. The rapid growth of technology gives birth to new privacy concerns. We live in a time where companies like Facebook are accused of stealing user data without consent and it gives the whole company a bad reputation and may lead to losses.


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