15 Year Old Girl Dies from Apparent Allergic Reaction from Takeaway Food

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Megan Lee Lewis, 15, died after allegedly suffering from an extreme allergic reaction which is thought to have occurred from takeaway food she had eaten from an eatery close by her home.

Lewis was immediately hospitalized at the Royal Blackburn Hospital but failed to recover from the severe reaction and was pronounced dead just two days later on New Year’s.

The Lancashire authorities have announced that an autopsy is currently being conducted but as of now the official cause of death has yet to be revealed.

The Crown Prosecution Service has previously cautioned all food businesses that if they do not take into account the seriousness of allergies, then they will face harsh prison sentences.

Allergies, a Damn Serious Matter

Mohammed Zaman, 53, who owned an Indian restaurant had previously been placed with a charge of manslaughter last May as one customer, Paul Wilson, 38, had died due to a severely fatal allergic reaction when peanuts were served in his curry meal that he had ordered to go.

However, an investigation is still underway to determine whether or not the eatery was even aware of Lewis’s allergy, or whether she had even died due to the food she had received from.

Serve Responsibly

Martin Goldman, the chief crown prosecutor sent a direct and clear message to all the food businesses, in which he declared that all will serve prison sentences under no hesitation whatsoever if they dismiss and carelessly disregard food regulations and other responsibilities towards the customers they serve.

Lewis’s parents had made a tribute to their daughter, in which they stated that she “touched the hearts of everyone she ever met.” Lewis had been attending the St. Christopher High School and was greatly passionate about musical theatre and drama, according to her parents.

Lewis was apparently set to be starring in a production for West Side Story this June.

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