12 Beyond Belief Features of Android O

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Google has always played a key role in shaping lives and making things easier for its users. With new android software, Google has brought a new change in the operating system world.

Android O, shaping our lives and making Android better with excellent and improved performance, better battery life, new security measures, picture in picture for improved multitasking as well as easier text selection.

Android O seems to be a startling software version that will make the gadgets more appealing as well as captivating and will automatically improve the user-experience.

Most of us have to work all day on our smart-phones and the biggest hurdle we face is battery timings but Android O will not only come with a better battery life but it also restrains the excessive use of battery by applications working in background.

Consequently, the applications running in background wont effect upon your battery when they are not in use and your phone will have a better battery life to work throughout the day.

Speed and better performance is all we look for and Android O is just remarkable in performance and the speed is miraculous so you can switch between the apps or can use your smart-phones without getting irritated because of its slow speed.

Filling forms through smart-phones is the biggest challenge one has to face as entering your data again and again makes one annoyed. Android O facilitates you to fill the gaps and makes this form filling thing easier for you.

The Auto-fill with Google permits you to fill forms on mobile devices by using the previously entered information. The Auto-fill applications will not only store your data but will also secure it.

Checking notifications is a hassle but Android O makes it easier for you, without pulling down the drop down menu you can view the notifications.

The applications will sport a badge that will apparently draw color from application icon and you will be able to check all the missed notifications swiftly.

A menu of missed notifications will open as you press long the application with a Notification Dot and so you can check the missed notification without opening the app.

The Picture-in-Picture video which is also popularly known as PIP will be a part of Android O. Now you can switch between the apps and can also take your video along with you.

This PIP feature will support all the operating systems and will be soon on all the android devices. Users can easily activate the PIP feature by merely hitting the home screen button.

The PIP videos can be easily dismissed like YouTube video, with a single swipe the video will be dismissed from the screen.

The text selection is very problematic on smart-phones as it consumes a lot of time. But Android O Smart Selection Text, it automatically selects and pulls out the main content in the text like address, names etc.

Google has chosen machine language to direct this feature and the most profound fact is that the information will not be sent to the Cloud and it will kept safe.

From now on, no jiggling and fidgeting on text selection as Android O will make it trouble as well as hassle free for you.

In this era, smart-phones are considered as a prerequisite and most of the people do their daily business and personal chores on smart-phones, therefore the security of the data smart-phone is very important.

A new service called Google Play Protect will now protect your phones and the data stored in it. This new service is a boon for all android users as it will keep your phone safe from threats and viruses.

The service works as a scanner; it will scan through all the applications and will detect threats via machine language. On the other hand, the Play Protect will automatically delete all the applications which are treacherous for your phone and will it confined and out of harm’s way.

Google has always played well with the creativity element; in Android O we will witness more colorful and vibrant display which will instantly grab the user’s attention.

Android O has the capability and competence to show-off all the native colors, but somehow it utterly depends upon the smart phone maker and developer but we can look forward to to witness some vibrant color in Android O.

The cooler the icons will the more the user will enjoy using the smart-phone. In Android O, the icons will modify acclimatizing the animations as well as the themes as you interact with them.

The color palettes and the edges of icon can be adjusted and when the user will interact with the icons they will scrawl and move by just tapping.

The vibrant display and creative icons in Android O seems to be very fascinating and will definitely dominate in the software world.

The Android O will not compromise over the sound quality as it supports higher quality Bluetooth connections so you can have freedom to wireless devices without any disturbance.

The AAudio Technology in Android O is exclusively designed for the applications which require ‘low-latency audio’ and ‘high-performance’. This new feature will facilitate us to enjoy all the applications with a better audio.

Now Android O has also taken over the Android TV and Smart TV, it has bestowed them utterly will a new look for home screens. You don’t have to waste your time in looking out for your favorite TV shows.

Android O has changed the whole home screen look and also has divided the channels in different rows. Now you will have a separate row of your favorite shows or already watched shows.

Lastly, Android O will be a boon for Bluetooth keyboard users and Pixel users as it has improved this feature and now there will be more shortcuts keys so you can work effectively.

These astounding features shows that Android O is utterly a blessing for all Android users and it will utterly change the whole concept of Android by making it more effectual, improved and noteworthy.

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