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10 Streaming Websites like Project Free TV that aren’t Banned

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Project Free TV, as the name suggests, is a platform where you can stream TV shows for free. It has a vast array of popular TV shows that are available to watch for completely free. But like every other free streaming site, it is illegal in most countries and as a result, is blocked by the government.

However, the good news is that there are many other free streaming websites that offer similar services and are accessible. The only problem that remains is that it is difficult to decide which one is legit and not a scam to promote ads. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered in that regard. Below is a list of legit websites that offer free streaming of TV shows.

  1. PopcornFlix

Like Project Free TV, PopcornFlix also offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows, completely free to watch. Previously named Popcorn, it also has faced many battles against piracy but fortunately, has prevailed. Their website is up and running and you can visit it here: . The titles are also categorized into different genres for your convenience as well.

  1. Tubi TV

Probably the best option (at least in my opinion) in this list for free online movies is Tubi TV. The creators of this website have made sure that it never goes down and have plenty of backup servers for you to connect to in case something happens. Their inventory contains many top titles for you to watch.You do, however, have to register her to watch anything. But its completely free so that won’t be an issue. You can access Tubi TV here:

  1. Cartoon Network

Ah, Cartoon Network. We all have many great memories associated with it. But did you know that Cartoon Network allows you stream your favourite cartoons online for free? For those of you who prefer to watch animated shows, are young or just want to take a trip down the memory lane, Cartoon Network is the place for you. The best thing is that it completely legal everywhere and won’t be going down anytime soon. You can access it here:

  1. Sony Crackle

Sony Cracke, if it’s not obvious enough, is owned by Sony resulting in the access of all Sony-owned movies and TV shows. It was previously just known as Crackle.Like Tubi TV, you initially have to go through a free registration process but it’s all good from there and its completely legal.

The one downside is that it has copyrighted content which may be available in one country but not in the other. You may not even be able to access its website from some reigons. But that can be countered by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and choose the server of a country where it’s available. You can access it here:

  1. SnagFilms

If you got tired of websites that still require registration, then SnagFilms is for you. With over 5000 free movies and TV shows, SnagFilms is definitely not coming slow when it comes to variety. Their collection includes new as well as old titles that are perfect to watch when you just want to sit back and relax over the weekend. You can access SnagFilms here:

  1. Viewster

Viewster is more of a video on demand service than an online streaming website. But they’re basically the same if you think about it. The best part about this is that it’s completely legal as the owners of this website have purchased a license for every show that is available here.

There is also no geographical restrictions for content viewability in this site as the permit is legally purchased from country to country. Their categories of movies and tv shows are updated on a daily basis so you can get the latest content on time.

To watch any title, you just have to go to , select a movie/TV show to watch and start watching without any registration or login.

  1. Classic Cinema Online

If you can’t find a movie that you want to watch anywhere then chances are you’ll find it on Classic Cinema Online. I mean they even have silent films here! If you’re that sort of person who believes that they don’t do it like they did in the old days, then this isn’t going to get better than this. And it doesn’t end here. You can also access popular TV shows of the past here. Truly, Classic Cinema Online is a 20th century goldmine. You can access it here:

  1. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a San Francisco based website that acts as a digital library for books, software, movies and TV shows. With their mission being “universal access to all knowledge”, this nonprofit site provides free access to huge collections of applications, games, movies and books that make up a total of a whopping 15 petabytes.

But since we’re only talking about movies and TV shows here, this is a great site to watch or even download them. Since it’s free, it is banned in most countries like Malaysia but can be accessed by using a VPN here:

  1. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema has permission from authors and production houses to host the streaming of their movies. This site mostly contains movies or short films that are uploaded on Vimeo or YouTube.

That means that you can watch them all here using the host site’s native video player which is always a good thing. The movies are also sorted categorically, and their list is updated regularly. There is no need to sign in or register just go to and enjoy!

  1. Open Culture

Owned by Stanford University’s dean and director, Dan Colman, Open Culture is a website made for free online learning for everyone. Like the Internet Archive, it hosts an array of books, media and many other digitalized contents.

But keeping true to this article, we’ll talk about movies. If you visit, you can access all the movies available on this site arranged in an alphabetical order.The only downside is that there’s no sorting via genre but its forgivable considering that we’re getting content for free.


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