10 Cool Mobile Phones you didn’t know exist!

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Up till now you have been smitten by the impeccable designs and stupendous features of iPhone X, the amazing features of Pixel phones and let’s not forget the charming Samsung Galaxy S8. However, along the run there have been instances of some very weird phones. So let’s go a bit down the memory lane to visit a few very freaky phones in the market!

Haier P7 Pen Phone

Is it a pen or a phone?? The thin pen look-a-like, Haier P7 has a compact shape houses a little camera too. Giving 3 hours of talk time with the battery, this pen phone really is something beyond imagination, not to mention quite weird to about 7 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Nokia N-Gage

Nokia perhaps, has a very colorful history with cell phone designs. The design in charge probably does not have the word “no” in their dictionary.

For we have seen some pretty weird stuff coming from the tech giant. N-Gage, a phone that looked like a video game console. Nobody could understand why one would want to look like they’re playing video games all the time. Or at that get the kids all excited just on the thought of a video game console, in fact the thing was a mobile.


Bang and Olufsen Serene

Introduced in collaboration with Samsung, the Serene phone too seemed quite an awkward addition to the cellular log. Looking more like a mini PC with an old fashioned back to basics, circular keypad, the design of the phone is one thing.

But the fact that it requires a screw driver to access the battery and the SIM card is something quite impractical. It felt like more of a showpiece in the museum than to be used as a device for communication. It honestly gets an 8 on a scale of ten for wackiness.

C91 Buddha Phone

As the name says it, shaped like a medieval dial or more like a compass is a luxury gold phone for the wired Buddhists!!It comes with a  number a pretty average features, a screen of 2.0 inch, supporting a 1.3-megapixel camera. Additionally there FM radio and dual SIM support and let’s not forget the audio and video player and a buddistic music box too.

But the way it opens up like a bronze pocket watch makes it less of a phone than it really is with all the built in features. Like Serene, it bags a score of 8 on 10 for the weirdness it carries.

Siemens Xelibri 6

A makeup compact without the makeup powder; that’s exactly what the Xelibri looks like on first sight. With a size of 84 x 75 x 26 mm and weighing about 89 g the Xelibri wasn’t quite famous and did not have much to offer apart from the compact look-a-like.

With a screen101 x 80 px and 4096 colors it is one of the freakiest phones on the list. It certainly bags a score of 9 on 10 for being stupendously weird.

Virgin Mobile Lobster

Next on the list of weirdness scrutiny, we have the notorious Virgin Lobster. This guy is pretty much on a safe level, for it’s quite like the average cell phone, apart from the slight bulge on one side to give it that exclusive look.  It houses the usual Windows Mobile smart phone goodies; good, sharp screen; expandable memory.

However, you won’t get Wi-Fi but what you get is a poor camera, memory expansion is under the SIM a chunky design, 2.5mm headset jack, DAB TV and a radio which doesn’t work on trains. So far it gets a 5 which is pretty decent score, for not being that wacky as the rest.

KFC branded Huaweii

The name says it all!! KFC teaming up with Huawei to launch a limited edition smartphone in the market. With the specs featuring a screen  5.5-inch, a Snapdragon 425 processor to power it. Coupled with storage of 32 GB, which could be expanded using a microSD card and 3020mAh battery average talktime.

But the more interesting thing is the Colonel Sanders engraved at the back of the cell. So if you are a fan of food and love colonel Sanders, this is definitely a phone for you. Getting a 6 on 10 for the weirdness part.

Nokia 7820

And we are back to our favorite weird of all time, Nokia. With its MP3 player look-a-like cellphone 7280, it certainly gets a top place on the list of freaky. It had a couple of cool features including Bluetooth and speakerphone, VGA camera and FM radio and solid call quality.

Yet the alternative design to make the cell stand out didn’t really appeal to audience in general. Hence it gets a good score of 7 on 10 for the wackiness.

Samsung Juke SCH-U740

Let’s not leave behind Samsung in the race, even though now it has the trendiest smartphones, the tech Giant started off with pretty strange stuff to get here. The Juke is an example of one such weirdness. At the time of launch it was considered quite sexy and stylish for the design, but the lack of features thereof didn’t make it as much appealing to the eye.

There are a few annoying flaws which make the cell not so popular, like the need to rotate phone upon closing for the screen is upside down upon closing. and then there are the slippery buttons which make the cell phone mundane in every sense.

Sierra Wireless Voq

Last but not the least on the list comes the cell phone with not one but two qwerty typing boards. Smartphone designed for business stuff related to emails and text. Sounded perfect for the businessmen, however, due to a couple of things didn’t become that much popular.

Bulky, with navigation buttons taking some acclimation, no direct POP3 account support and no Bluetooth made it not so cool among the users. It gets a decent 5 for the weird part.


With this we come to an end to the list of some weird phones. Comment in your favorite freaky phone down below!!

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