10 Best Websites for Downloading Free and Legal Music

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We all love music and want to have it available on our electronic devices, as it serves as food for our souls. Not only does it soothe our brain cells, but it has become a vital part of our lives since we have our favorite songs on a playlist whenever we are traveling, waiting at some place or even feel sad and sitting alone or dancing to the beat at a party.

While there are many websites that allow users to stream their favorite songs for free; like Pandora and Spotify, there are others that allow you to download them as well, as it allows you to have them readily available, at all times, without having to wait for internet connection or buffering. It is, however, necessary that you download them rightfully and legally, in order to support the efforts of the singers, artists, and producers who work hard to put such great lyrics together for enriching our lives.

Luckily, there are certain great websites available that provide you the option to download your favorite songs, legally and free of cost.

It is but necessary that you see to it that the songs you download do not have a virus or malware attached to it, as the cyber threats are mounting every passing day. Therefore, you must always download songs from a legitimate website to prevent falling bait to any unwanted incidents.

Here we have a list of Top 10 websites from where you can download mp3 music, without having to worry about any threats, laws or payment since they offer you legal music, absolutely free!

  1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most famous and highly visited online retailer websites used for online shopping since this platform serves all your needs and has almost everything of your need available; either it is a dress, an accessory, a gadget or an automobile etc. With the availability of such wide variety of items, how can it not provide you music? Ranging from Rare vinyl records, modern CDs as well as digital music; free or paid, Amazon has it all!

You may visit Amazon anytime and access the hits for free by searching through the music library and sort your favorite song via band, artist, genre, album, by popularity, length of the song, release date, reviews, by title or year. Upon finding your song, you may preview/play it before downloading. When you finally decide to download, click the yellow-colored ‘Free’ button to add it to your cart, then enter your login detail and finally check out.

Amazon Mp3 has a directory of almost 46,000 songs, making it one of the biggest repositories available on the internet for free legal music downloading. Amazon Music is also categorized well on the basis of genres; R&B, Alternative Rock, Pop, Folk, Hard Rock & Metal, Broadway & Vocalists, New Age, International, Blues,  Classical, Country music, Children’s Music, Dance & Electronic, Miscellaneous, etc.

Amazon Music App can be downloaded for free, from Android and iOS App Stores.

  1. Free Music Archive (FMA)

Freeform radio station WFMU directs this website, from which music can be easily downloaded, legally as well as free of cost. You don’t even have to have a user account to save it. This platform is a mix of Creative Commons licenses and public domain.

When you visit the website, all you have to do is to look through the different set of music genres.The website is a combination of 2 different approaches for posting tracks

  • It catalogs music posted by the partner curators
  • Users can post their own music compositions, directly to the archives.

The synthesis of variety of sources in this way makes a puzzling library of music, which could take a lot of time to browse through to find the right track.

Also, in addition to the soundtracks, this website also hosts podcasts as well as renowned radio stations e.g. KEXP that posts live studio session cuts. Although these uploaded tracks may have some deficiencies in context to the production, but they are available for free. The User Interface of FMA is a bit disorderly.

FMA is for everyone, a platform where not only music hits are available to the user, but also a place where people can showcase their talent and upload their own songs.

FMA app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.

  1. Jamendo

This is a platform that hosts more than 470,000 tracks; where individuals get to share their music for free, for commercial use i.e. everyone can share their piece of art and talent on the media. This is what makes it a bit harder to find the exact song that you require since there may be so many variants of one song available. But when you do find your desired track, click on the Download button to get it saved onto your system.

Creative Commons license makes all the music on the Jamendo available for you i.e. the artist have given out their compositions themselves to the masses, to be downloaded for free. The license allows you to copy and share the tracks of your choice, to provide maximum ease and entertainment. You may also review and make a donation if your desire, to the artist you like.

Although the songs cannot be searched with respect to their genres, but Jamendo gives you the leverage to sort the tracks on the basis of most downloaded songs, the name of the artist, popularity of the song, most played song or according to the release date.

The most popular songs turn out to be the one rated most by the users. This platform is better suited for people who are open to new talent, and like experimenting with an open mind, by listening to new songs, posted by unknown or non-popular artists.

Jamendo also features few radio channels and this platform can be translated in 6 different languages; English, Italian, German, French, Polish and Spanish.

Jamendo app can be downloaded from Android and iOS App Store as well as on the Windows PC.

  1. Last.fm

On Last.fm, you can not only stream tracks but also download them, for free! It offers you a great variety of genres that you can choose from, at the left hand column of the webpage. Once you’ve chosen a genre, you can check mark your choice of tracks and have them downloaded on your system by clicking on on the downloading arrow icon.

It is, however, unfortunate that the music quality has not been mentioned alongside any of the tracks, therefore it is recommended that you listen to the mp3 track prior to downloading.

Last.fm may not have a wide section offering free music or the latest hits, like YouTube, but it still pretty much has a great collection of old tracks that can easily be downloaded.

Launched in the year 2002, this portal functioned initially as an e-radio i.e. radio on the internet; similar to iHeartRadio and Pandora. Then, later in 2005, Last.fm site added a new feature; Audioscrobbler – a system that recommends music by collecting tracks from various media players and other websites streaming music so as to present and craft a user profile for you that reflects your taste in music and adapts to your musical habits.

Now, Last.fm is the website that has been able to collect information and media from almost 100 billion tracks, worth more than 7 million years of music.

One of the best facts about this website is that it does not require you to create an account or register you email to get free music.

Last.fm app is available for users having devices run on Windows, Android, and iOS.

  1. Musopen

Musopen.org is a great platform if you are in search of free instrumental music. It is a non-profit organization that has dedicated its work to preserve and makes classical music accessible to you. It provides you music compositions without having to worry about copyright restrictions.

For the people who find solace in listening to the instruments over vocals, classical over other genres or the individuals who want to learn how to play music instruments, this website will serve you best. Here, not only will you be able to find instrumental tunes to your favorite music, but there are also music sheets and educational material available for a variety of musical instruments.

In order to download a composition, Musopen required you to make an account on their website. Once you’ve done that, you may search whichever music you desire, by your choice of composer, artist or instrument. Whether it’s the Baroque period compositions or you are a Romantic, Musopen will probably have every song you are looking for.

At this website, you will be able to view and listen to the sound quality of the music before you download it. Once you are ready to get it, click on download arrow to have the track you need to be saved onto your device.

  1. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade.com, with a very stylish interface, offers you to download music by navigating through the library with ease. On the website you will be able to find various music compositions; latest, trending sound tracks along with oldies. In addition to that, each album on NoiseTrade is uploaded along with a brief description about the artists.

Unfortunately, this website does not show the quality of the sound, for which you could listen to the song before downloading it, so as to validate if it is the song you require or not. Also, in order to download the song, you must log in from your Facebook account. After you sign in, click on the orange colored download button. This will save your choice of song onto your device.

You can also sign in by entering your email address along with your area zip code so as to download an mp3 album. By doing this, you will be registered via email and will receive a code on your email account. By entering this code, you will be able to have the ZIP file containing the album, downloaded onto your system.

This platform encourages you to share the knowledge with your friends, and support the artist by promoting your favorite artist’s information on your social media account; Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also place a tip for your favorite artist by making a quick donation of $4.

NoiseTrade is a remarkable social networking website that not only has music for the music lovers but also welcomes book fanatics. It allows the artists to upload their compositions and songs free of cost.

  1. PureVolume

It is a clean and a user-friendly website that allows you to buffer/ stream your choice of music, and gives you the opportunity to download that music, free of cost! A search bar gives you the convenience of finding the desired song or by browsing through different genres or name of artists. The website also clearly shows ‘what’s popular’.

While all songs on the website are legal and majority of them are open for free download, unfortunately, not all songs on PureVolume are available for free downloading, but still it offers a great range of free music to choose from. The plus point about PureVolume is that you do not need to make any account or register yourself to download the free songs. You can view the music available for free, and sort them by ranking on basis of Top hit tracks, most downloaded songs, featured music, by artists, popularity or Albums. Although, there are some premium tracks that might cost a few bucks to the users, however they can stream them for free.

PureVolume is a great platform for promoting new artists, as it also features the composition of people who may be new, or unknown in the world of music. It acts like a social media website, making singers, artists and listeners connect. Everyone can make up a personal profile on this website and participate in discussion forum, depending on their interests in music.

The listeners are also allowed to review artists and comment about their songs, and like or share their favorite songs externally to other websites, to their friends. They may as well contact the musicians and talk to them directly about their tracks. Similarly, the artists are also allowed to share any updates related to their music on their profiles or reach out and contact their escalating fan base. It is totally up to the artist if he/she wants to leave their songs available to the listeners on the website to be downloaded for free, or share them in exchange for some money.

  1. SoundClick

SoundClick is an excellent socio-music platform that has been running live since the year 1997. It has a database of over five million audio tracks available for you to listen to.

SoundClick allows the artists to make their profiles on the website, and upload their music. It is a great portal for searching and downloading free music, however, it is purely the choice of the singer/ artist whether he/she wants you to download their tracks for free or not. The website contains both signed as well as unsigned artists and musicians.

By visiting SoundClick, you can surf through the website and browse your favorite song through a variety of genres and musical charts. You can then either stream the music or have it downloaded onto your system.

The user can also make a custom radio station and get acquainted with other listeners on different music forums or get to know about their favorite artists. Free music videos are also available on this website. You can make use of ‘Analog Hole’ to save your favorite audio from the internet, so as to listen to it later on.

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud ranks as one of the highly visited and most well-known music websites where users can download songs from, legally. Like YouTube, on SoundCloud, you will be able to find a wide range of soundtracks; not only the originals but also the remixes, covers, karaoke as well as variety of unreleased tracks. But, it is very unfortunate that although the access to a lot of tracks is possible and you may stream and listen to them but majority of those songs are not up for downloading because of some legal issues.

There are loads of songs that you may not even hear on any other platform; a lot of remixes of your favorite tracks that are only available on SoundCloud.

You’d, however, have to make an account for using SoundCloud using your email address or directly link your SoundCloud to your personal Facebook or Google+ account. Once you’ve logged in, you may search the soundtrack of your choice and see if it is available for streaming only or you can download it as well. If it is open for downloading, the user will be able to see a Download icon underneath the soundtrack. Pressing that button will make the song downloaded onto your device.

There is a section on the website that has solely been dedicated to the music licensed under Creative Commons licenses that allows you to download music tracks or their remixes or have them tweaked as much as you desire.

SoundCloud App is available for free on Android as well as on iOS App Stores. For Windows Phone, a 3rd party app also exists.

  1. CCTrax

CCTrax offers you songs for free downloading, with Creative Common license. The categories you can search songs are techno, ambient, jazz etc. You may add filters to your search by choosing genre, artists, label etc.
You do not require any account to search, stream or download soundtracks from CCTrax. You may also download a full artist’s album with just once click.

Other websites you can visit are:

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