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10 Amazing Smart Home Devices of 2017

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What a treat life would be if we woke up one morning and our coffee was ready in the kitchen, waiting to be had along with perfectly toasted bread! We’re returning to our apartment on a swelteringly hot day but the moment we enter the door, we’re in a totally different world thanks to the remote temperature control tool which we can operate through our phone just as we turned into the street. Or a fan that switches on and off just as we enter or leave the room.

No need to switch it on and off anymore. It will be done automatically. All this and more amazing things are now possible, thanks to the internet and Wi-Fi enabled smart devices. The ease the Internet of Things brings in our lives is simply amazing. And the possibilities are limitless. It is just a matter of time before every single home will be a smart home and the concept will be more widely adopted. Once this technology becomes more refined, readily available and affordable, that day isn’t far when our phone will become a master control device for everything around us and make our lives more convenient and ‘smart’.

Let us have a look at 10 amazing smart home devices of 2017 and what they can do for us:


Griffin’s smart toaster called the ‘Connected Toaster’ is a full-featured digital toaster that helps users toast smarter. The toaster is Bluetooth enabled and comes with an app for your smartphone. This app can be used for the perfect toast experience every morning. A slider on the app lets you choose how toasted you want your bread and also saves your preferences for later use.

Griffin Connected Toaster

It is a two-slot toaster with digital temperature adjustment and settings for bread type, darkness, even gluten-free bread. This machine also links with other Griffin Home products for seamless integration into your daily routine.


smarter coffee machine

Even before you leave your perfectly comfy bed for freshening up every morning, your coffee is ready in the kitchen! Now that is perfect and possible with the smart coffee machine ‘Smarter Coffee’. The coffee is tailored exactly to your preferences based on how you have it every day or even change the coffee strength with a touch on your smartphone.

Like all smart devices, this coffee maker is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from anywhere. It also sends alerts to your phone when descaling is due or when the water tank is running low. It is an amazing piece of tech that certainly makes our mornings something to look forward to.


Griffin Connected Mirror

Another useful Griffin smart home product is the smart mirror called the ‘Connected Mirror’. This mirror displays time, weather, and status messages from other Griffin Home products. The mirror comes with an app for your smartphone so that you can control the settings and choose how you want to use your smart mirror, what to display and whether to display it all the time or on demand.

The setting up process is easy. It connects to the Wi-Fi at your home and also to other Griffin products such as Griffin’s connected toaster. So, if you are busy brushing your teeth while the bread is in the toaster, your smart mirror will let you know what’s cooking in the kitchen. Welcome to convenience!


Nest Thermostat

The Nest temperature controller is a very useful device. Through its accompanying app, you can control your home’s temperature from anywhere through your smartphone. It has a sharp display, adapts to your schedule and is energy efficient.

Nest products include the thermostat, smart smoke detector, carbon monoxide alarm, and a smart security camera.

Nest also enables a lot of smart devices from other brands to seamlessly connect with it so that your smart-home experience is not dumb! Just check for the ‘Works with Nest’ logo and be worry free.


Thanks to the June Intelligent Oven, you can say goodbye to those cooking tutorials. This oven does it all. It can toast, bake and slow-cook with sensors figuring out how best to cook whatever you’ve got inside the oven.

June Oven

Needless to say, it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s more, it also has an embedded camera which can stream live videos to your smartphone so you know exactly what’s going on with those muffins inside the oven without you having to check them every minute. Leave the food inside and let the oven do its job while keeping an eye on everything and controlling it from anywhere.


twist smart bulb

This is a smart light bulb but with a twist. It is also a speaker. The bulb can stream tunes from any app with high-quality sound and modulates its light during the day. It starts with being brighter and bluer in the morning and transitioning to a warm golden glow towards the evening. For tech savvy smart gadget lovers, this is a pretty little addition to your smart home.


August smart lock, as the name implies, is a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock that can be controlled remotely via your smartphone. Throw away that big bunch of keys for everything in the house! Smart locks make your smartphone the key and also lets you control entry to your home even if you are not around.

So next time your friends show up a little early or one of them wants to crash in for the night while you are not around, not to worry. Open the door with your smartphone, from anywhere anytime.

August Smart Lock

This lock can be installed anywhere inside the house or even at the gate or front door of the house. Consider it a modern gatekeeper which provides you with the opportunity to see who’s at the door and whether to let them in, all with a tap on your smartphone.


Haiku Smart Fan

If you are not quite into the smart-home lane and are not quite willing and keen to invest into the plethora of smart-home devices but wouldn’t mind a little ease around the house, the Haiku ceiling fan is for you.

This smart device means energy conservation without you sacrificing your comfort even a little bit. It automatically turns on and off when you enter or leave the room. The fan can track temperature and humidity, automatically modulates its speed in response to environmental conditions, and even has an alarm clock function. All that aside, with its appealing design, it is a beautiful addition to any space.



This smart-home device is a sensitive tool for measuring air quality. Now you can know your air! It can check for allergens inside your home, measure humidity and temperature and can also gauge and inform you about the level of different gases inside your house.

Don’t be confused by its looks. It looks like a vintage radio but relays much more important information than a radio. It tells you about the inside condition of your house, whether you need to increase or decrease the temperature inside for more sound sleep, what level of allergens are present in the air and whether they can make you sick. The Awair is your most important smart companion.


Once the whole house has been turned into a smart den, there should be a master device to oversee the functioning of them all, like an old-time Butler, and also keeping an eye on any intruders. Well lo, and behold the modern-age digital butler, Dojo.

Dojo Smart Device

Shaped like a smooth pebble, this unobtrusive object keeps you safe from hackers, malware, and other unwelcome intruders, and sends notifications to your phone whenever something unusual is happening inside your smart home system. It also keeps an eye on the functioning of all other connected smart devices and notifies you if one of them is malfunctioning or needs your attention.

With the buzz about smart homes and smart devices, the biggest debate surrounding this topic is privacy. Whether these devices are safe enough to keep our private life private and keep us safe from unwanted ‘guests’ inside the house such as hackers. Dojo is the answer to all those concerns.

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