Doing 0-60 in 1.9secs; Tesla’s Roadster the Quickest Car in production

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Behold the Roadster returns but this time with exalted specs and performance so much so that Elon Musk has announced that Tesla’s second generation Roadster will be the fastest production car to date, with a 0 – 60 time of 1.9 seconds.

This amazing new automobile would definitely get you up and above your seats with its jaw dropping specs. If what Musk claims is true then the car by all means is the quickest production car in the world. The for seater is up for some surprises that you would not want to miss.

If the car measures up to Musk’s claims then Roadster would without doubt be the first vehicle to break down two second threshold. Furthermore Musk announced that the beast would go from 0 to 100 mph in about 4.2 seconds making it cover a one fourth of a mile in just 8.9 seconds!

Musk made a glamorous entry in the new Roadster and gave a couple of pointers on what to expect from the beauty. However, he did not confirm the max speed of the car, giving hints that it would be above 250 mph. Comparing this with the current top speed car Agera RS which holds the world record of 277.9 mph, the Roadster is in for some competition. We will have to wait to see if t surpasses the current record or not.

Among the other prominent features the car holds some that might want your attention are as follows;

  • A 200kWh battery pack
  • 620-mile range per charge
  • three motors in total
  • all-wheel drive accompanied with torque steering.

With an exotic exterior completely going against the sports cars, the Roadster is expected to be in production in 2020. Whats more to it is the magnificent price of about $200,000! You can reserve one now for $50,000 towards the $200,000 base price.

The car has had so much hype around it and to make the matters tenfold, Elon Musk revealed on twitter that the car is going to be shipped off to Mars!! SpaceX reportedly confirms that Musk plans to launch his Roadster to Mars in January 2018.

The Falcon Heavy launch will occur in January 2018, and the would have some very unique cargo; Musk’s Roadster!

However, later it was confirmed that it was the first generation rather than the second generation Roadster that ought to be shipped off. So keep your calm and anxiously wait for what Musk has in the bucket for you. It would probably be something that would definitely sweep us off our feet. Stay tuned for more update on the Roadsters and the trip to Mars!

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