Xbox Fans Rejoice: New Controller Leaks Ahead of Launch

According to a Twitter user who leaks information, Xbox is gearing up to release a new controller model in the next few weeks.

The new variant, called Velocity Green, takes inspiration from the Design Lab, Xbox’s online controller customization tool, and pays homage to the original Xbox’s color scheme. The upcoming controller’s vibrant and lively appearance is expected to be popular among gamers and is anticipated to be available for purchase shortly.

Xbox releases updated controller models every year, and their latest addition is the Stellar Shift controller that works with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC just like other Xbox controllers. The Stellar Shift has a primary purple color with an iridescent finish that creates a sky-blue hue when viewed from certain angles. The handles, bumpers, and triggers of the controller have a rubberized texture that imitates the smoky purple print of a nebula. When used with an Xbox console, the Stellar Shift controller unlocks a free dynamic background that matches its space-themed color scheme, giving players an enhanced gaming experience.

Multiple regional versions of Amazon have leaked information about a new controller release. According to the pages of Amazon Spain, the controller is set to be released on February 14, while Amazon Italy suggests the release date is February 17.

Despite the date discrepancy, both versions of Amazon have posted images of the purple controller, confirming its existence. It is improbable that the leaked information is inaccurate since multiple Amazon retailers have listed the controller with accompanying images. Although the exact release date is uncertain, it is anticipated that the controller will be available for purchase sometime in mid-February.

Surprisingly, someone has already obtained an Xbox Series X/S controller, primarily through a reseller, as key details regarding the console’s price, release date, and available accessories remain undisclosed.

The authenticity of the controller has been confirmed by The Verge. It is believed that the Xbox Series S, which is rumored to be a cheaper alternative to the Xbox Series X and is codenamed “Lockheart,” will have a GPU performance of approximately four teraflops and 7.5GB of usable RAM, powered by the same CPU as the Xbox Series X. In order to further reduce costs, the Xbox Series S is expected to omit an optical drive.

Twitter user billbil-kun, who has a track record of sharing early glimpses of unreleased gaming technology and providing gaming tech deals, leaked an image of the upcoming Xbox controller model in “Velocity Green” color. The image was partially blurred, but the controller is set to launch on February 28 and will be sold at a price point of around 59 euros or $63 to $64 US dollars, which is similar to the price of other non-Elite Xbox controllers currently available.

The newest Xbox controller has an eye-catching neon green color that evokes the traditional green design that has been linked to the Xbox brand for a long time. The controller’s underside panel, which houses the battery, is a pristine white that contrasts the bold green of the rest of the controller.

Meanwhile, the shoulder buttons and triggers are a sleek black, connected by a similarly dark bridge. The controller’s joysticks match the bright green hue of the rest of the device, while the D-pad and face buttons are also in black, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

While the Velocity Green controller may not have the advanced features found in Microsoft’s more confidential controller designs, it is still a significant improvement in both appearance and performance.

There has been no official response from Microsoft regarding the leaked information on the new controller. It is still being determined whether Microsoft will address this leak in any capacity. Our readers can rest assured that we will provide further updates or information as it becomes available. As with any leaked information, it is wise to exercise caution and only partially rely on unconfirmed details once Microsoft provides an official statement.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 boasts remarkable features such as a long-lasting battery that can operate for more than 40 hours, a high-quality and user-friendly charging dock, four back paddles that can be customized to fit the user’s needs, and trigger locks that facilitate faster activation. Additionally, it has several other advanced features tailored toward the needs of experienced gamers.

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