Wild Hearts: How To Customize Your Character to Perfection

Despite receiving mixed reviews for its game performance, Wild Hearts’ character creator feature has been widely praised by fans. The game enables players to design their Hunter character during the initial stages of the game and provides them with numerous customization choices. This feature has become a standout aspect of the game, resonating positively with players and contributing to its popularity.

Games often provide players with an appearance editing or Transmog system to modify their characters as they play, as spending too much time on character creation can hinder gameplay.

Just like other games, Wild Hearts also offers character customization to its players, but unlike the initial creation that can be done quickly, unlocking this feature requires players to invest some time and effort. While this is reasonable, given that it is a secondary feature, players should be mindful that they may need additional time before accessing it.

Players can customize their Hunter’s appearance quickly within the first few minutes of playing Wild Hearts. However, if they want to make any further changes beyond the armor, they must put in considerable effort. Unlike in other games, where players can quickly modify their characters’ appearance through a kiosk or vendor, Wild Hearts requires players to unlock the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri. This process is quite involved and may take a lot of time, so players should prepare for this if they want to tweak their character’s appearance.

Players can collect Kemono Orbs by defeating monsters in Wild Hearts, and they can utilize them to enhance their Karakuri. It is done through the game’s menu, and players will typically need to progress downward from the top to unlock most of the nodes. Players will gain access to certain nodes in Wild Hearts upon encountering and defeating new Kemono while progressing through the game. Therefore, players must gather as many Kemono Orbs as possible to upgrade their Karakuri and unlock new character customization options fully.

In order to make changes to their character’s appearance in Wild Hearts beyond the initial creation, players must first go through a multi-step process to unlock the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri. This involves navigating to the Karakuri tab on the game’s map menu, then finding and selecting the Looking Glass Karakuri after moving down 17 times from the Hunter’s Tent Karakuri.

After successfully unlocking the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri, players can then access a mirror through the Karakuri and use it to customize their character’s appearance further.

However, there are some prerequisites that must be met before unlocking the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri, including acquiring all necessary upgrades and spending 1,500 Kemono Orbs, and there are no shortcuts or exceptions available to skip this process.

In Wild Hearts, you can find the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri by navigating approximately 20 nodes down on the left side of the upgrade tree. Players will need to progress quite a bit to reach it, which may take a while.

Some players have reported that they were able to unlock the feature at approximately the same point when they defeated the Deathstalker in Fuyufusagi Fort. Therefore, players should be prepared to invest considerable time and effort to reach the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri and modify their character’s appearance.

Players of Wild Hearts may query whether the character creator available through the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri offers the same features as the introductory character creator. The answer is affirmative, as the character creator available through the Karakuri provides identical customization options as the one available in the game’s initial sequence.

The only discernible difference lies in the backdrop, which changes according to the placement of the Karakuri. This creator allows players to alter their character’s physical attributes, such as build, facial features, tattoos, hair, and undergarments, with all options available and no restrictions or limitations.

The Looking Glass is a Karakuri that can be placed anywhere there is a nearby Dragon Pit with sufficient resources. On Earth, the cost of the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri is quite high, so it is recommended to install it in Minato.

The good thing about Minato is that there are no limitations in terms of elements, so players can add as many Karakuri as they desire. Once a Looking Glass has been placed, players can modify their character’s appearance for free.

Players have complained about the character editing process in Wild Hearts using the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri. These include issues with lighting affecting customization, time not being frozen while editing, inability to change core build while keeping facial appearance, unclear hairstyle options, difficulty connecting full-body tattoos, and lack of piercing options. Additionally, the previews for each voice do not include the “hurt” sound, and there are no craftable earrings in the game as of Chapter 5.

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