Tram crash survivors in horrific London accident are suing for compensation

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Survivors of the tram smash which killed seven people in London have now launched legal action. The tram derailed in Croydon as it took a corner at more than three times the speed limit, killing six men and one woman, and leaving many more injured.

Now, a number of the 51 people who suffered injuries in the accident, in November, have announced they are suing Transport for London and First Group. The tram is understood to have been carrying 60 people just as rush hour was getting underway in the capital.

It left tracks after coming out of a tunnel, tipping over onto its side and continuing to travel for 25 metres until coming to a halt. The driver, Alfred Dorris, has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and has been bailed until May next year.


Lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are bringing the case on behalf of the injured. Victims have injuries which vary in severity and will be looking to secure different payouts in a bid to help them live as normal a life as possible following the smash.

Croydon shopkeeper Matthew Hewish, 25, is among those suing the two companies. He was heading to work in Merton just after 6am when the tram derailed, flinging him from one side of the carriage he was travelling in to the other. He suffered hip and ankle injuries and was off work for three weeks before was able to return.

He believes he must have blacked out during the incident as he cannot remember a great deal, but says when he came round, he searched for his phone, using the light to see what the situation was. He said that his ankle was trapped and he was in a lot of pain, although he now realises that he was one of the “lucky ones” to have survived.


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