Top 10 Drone Cameras of 2017 by FC

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Companies these days are now rapidly flooding the market with Quad-copters or in other words, flying cameras are widely available for photography and videography enthusiasts.

Though an expensive technology to have it’s definitely not a bad investment for those who want to experience or reignite their lost passion to videography.

A mixture of expensive and cheap Quad-copters are available in the market with China taking the lead in the manufacturing of the high to medium range quality drone camera for the mass market.

The top drone consumers considered in the market are the DJI Innovations based in China. Producers of the Phantom series, and the drone camera for users of GoPro

Category. They have directly targeted their product for habitual and professional users.

The second comes in the list is Yuneec, also headquartered in China with their operating bases in Asia-Europe, is the pioneer of introducing the Typhoon series.

The third in the competition comes the brand PARROT, a French company based in Paris. The highlighting quality of their products is their cameras are well compatible with the smartphones.

Owing to these producers, here in the list are mentioned top 10 drone cameras for the year 2017 with some exciting features and its uses.

The first in the list is from the DJI manufacturers:


1) DJI Mavic Pro:

Released at the end of the year 2016, no other drone camera has so far been able to beat this magnificent creation by DJI Innovations.

Perfectly suited for personal use, its cost around $1000.With a high-resolution camera of 4K and additional features of ActiveTrack and TapFly: ensures the video shooting go uninterrupted for as long as forty minutes with a battery time of about 27 minutes which can fly over the range of 7 km with the speed of as fast as 60 km/h.

The other alluring feature of this device compact device is its portability, which can be a good gadget to shoot and save memorable moments on personal occasions. With 5 visions sensor to detect and deter the objects coming in its way ensures a safe flight and shooting, however, one must be careful using in strong winds, drone camera is unstable in strong winds.

GoPro Karma

2) GoPro Karma

Another in the list come the GoPro Karma drone camera created by the makers of GoPro is now returning back into the market of after the break of 3 months.

With fewer technicalities involved the drone camera is compatible with Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 session cameras and Hero 4 camera. The drone camera with its foldable wings makes it highly compatible to be used a carried in a regular bag pack.

Contrary to most of the drone camera, you don’t need to constantly see on the smartphone screen to monitor the video rather you are provided with a separate flip-flop screen attached to the controller. Unlike the other controllers with often a difficult set of knobs and buttons, the controller for karma is like game-controller.

However, the camera still lag behinds in few compartment from its ideal prototype. The camera so far doesn’t have an obstacle-avoiding feature, which means the flight can be a bit risky.

The battery life is a bit lesser than DJI Mavic with a maximum of 20 minutes as opposed to the claims of 27 minutes.

With the follow me mode missing, the GoPro is nevertheless still a friendly user and with a 3-dimensional stabilizer offers a smooth videography and a bit less expensive which ranges between $700 to $1000 these days.

DJI Phantom 4

3) DJI Phantom 4

The device itself and the manufacturers nevertheless require no detailed introduction with the Phantom 4 declared by the users as the best drone camera for professionals.

Let’s have a look what has it got for its admirers. First of all the incredible installation of GPS technology with ‘follow me’ and ‘return to home’ features, the camera avoid the obstacles while making its way back.

Costing around $2000, the phantom camera has got an app that allows the users to monitor and control and camera operation with greater convenience.

It won’t stops giving you more perks to buying it, Guess what? It has got a video editor with a capacity to allow you edit the video as per your requirements and adds text or music of your preference.

With a combination of 4K-camera and gimbal technology, it helps the camera to stay smooth in the air and capture well-defined and smooth images with a high resolution of up to 12 megapixels.

With a flight time of 28 minutes covering a distance of 5 km at 44kmp/h speed the only factor that makes it stand way behind is its bulky and heavy structure, which affects its portability to a greater extent rendering it to be used mostly by professionals.

DJI Inspire 1

4) DJI Inspire 1

Coming with the same great camera quality of 4K the camera can capture images with up to 12-megapixel resolutions. Available in the market with 1 and 2 controllers this can be a suitable device for photographers and videographer using the drone technology at an initial stage since its convenient to use. With an easy connection to with a mobile phone, the video shooting can be easily shown in HD quality on your phone’s screen.

However, the major drawback to this camera is only its low battery life, where the camera can last up to for 18 minutes, but it’s considerably not a bad option for new users who want to get familiar with the drone camera technology.

DJI Phantom 3

5) DJI Phantom 3

First of all worthy to mention is the fact that it’s easy to setup and uses feature makes and smooth vision positioning makes it suitable for young learners making the indoor flights.

With the installation of a 4K camera, the quality of images is guaranteed to be at super amazing level.

The app of the camera is equally compatible with IOS and Android devices however its accessories are expensive and battery life low up to 18 minutes which might reduce its attraction to buyers.

Yuneec Q500 4K

6) Yuneec Q500 4K.

Drifting away from the DJI series. Yuneec series has undoubtedly given a competition to its competitors.

Available in black opposed to traditional white, Yuneec with the installation of a 4K camera is on par with the DJI series.

Talking about its technicalities, the camera has got unique features, that can be used attached to the handgrip and separately to allow the users to capture the ground images as well.

It has a built-in remote as well as Super Wizard controller. The battery charging time though is much more than other camera but the competitive prices as compared to its other competing camera can attract the buyers, which may overlook its drawback.

3D Robotics Solo

7) 3D Robotics Solo

Without wasting time, the reads first of all need to know that 3D Robotics solo mainly uses for their worth and value for money where they are 3 times less expensive than the highbrow DJI series.

Belonging to the second category, the drone cameras use, the GoPro as their default camera.

Let’s have a quick look what it has to offer at a budget-friendly price. Covering all the smart features of an ideal drone camera, it literally allows the user to fit in and use a camera of choice. With the GPS technology installed it allows the drone to come back safely from where it took off.

It has got gimbal support which gives its stability in the air during flight. The apps to control are available in IOS and Android as well.

With all its pros it has few cons as well such as slow GPS and as a common problem of low battery life like in all other drones.



Definitely not designed for professional photographers and videographers since it doesn’t have a 4K-camera quality, which means images captured are below the standard levels.

However, those who are looking for unique design at a competitive price then this is not a bad pick.

Its shape is similar to a fly-cup and is not suited for more than the purpose to play. Where you can do different stunts from this camera but except for 1, there is 2 built-in camera which guarantees you loads of fun in your leisure time at a competitive price where all the images captures are stored directly on your phone. It means a simple device with no hacks of other adjoining accessories. But don’t forget the battery time is not much.

Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional

9) Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional

Aimed for the hobbyist, the prices are much lower compared to the top brands and drone camera in the list. The built-in features are the vision positioning system, Pathfinder, as well as auto-return home.

However longer battery charging times and shorter battery time makes its unable to use for professionals. Also, the fit-in camera can be changed and GoPro can be installed as a replacement.

So within the cheap price, the user can easily obtain the quality images just like of 4K cameras.

Cheerson Hobby CX-20 Professional

10) 3d Robotics Iris:

All that can be said about this last item is the big offering in the small packet. It means so much to obtain with this robotic design drone camera.

First of all, with a spare battery to use, the camera can be used for a longer time with a separate place to mount the camera means that, you can easily install the GoPro to capture high-quality images.

With a stable fly and positioning it makes user-friendly and wit the addition of other accessories available in the market much can be done with this camera.

However, the motor takes a few minute to stop whereas the flight time is not more than 16 minutes, which is slightly less when compared to other complex designed expensive drone camera.

This camera offers you the opportunity to fully extend its use by searching in for the fit accessories available in the market, which means you can still have a relatively rich experience in a cheap drone camera.


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