They stole my cake design! Pastry chef points out similarities between Obama and Trump’s inauguration cakes

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A top pastry chef has claimed that President Donald Trump’s inauguration cake makers have copied the one he made for President Obama. Chef Duff Goldman said that the nine-layer cake created for President Trump’s celebrations looked pretty much identical to the one he made four years ago when President Obama was elected to office for a second term.

The Ace of Cakes star chef, 42, posted a photo on Twitter, captioning it: “The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama’s inauguration four years ago. The one on the right is Trump’s. I didn’t make it.” His post has gone viral since he first uploaded it on Friday night.

President Obama’s cake featured different colours of blue icing, starting off with a paler blue for the bottom tier, which worked its way to a navy on the top. It also featured decorations including stars, stripes and military and presidential seal. The flavours for Mr Obama’s celebrations were different for each layer, including pineapple, lemon-poppy and red velvet cake. President Trump’s cake looked incredibly similar to the one made for Mr Obama, although it is not known which flavours the new president opted for.

An exact copy

Tiffany MacIsaac, who owns the Buttercream Bakeshop in Washington said that she had created the cake after getting an order from “out of town”. She explained that she had been given a photograph of the Obama cake and asked to recreate it.

She added that the bakery had urged the client to use the image as a source of inspiration rather than copying it. However, they had replied that they wanted the exact cake, which is why it had been replicated. The bakery also revealed that it was donating the profits from the cake to the Human Rights Campaign charity, which earlier declared Mr Trump unfit to be president.

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