“The Ultimate Guide to GTA RP Servers and Communities”

This guide will provide instructions for finding the top roleplaying servers in Grand Theft Auto Online for those who wish to play as a peaceful shop assistant or a police officer in the game.

For almost ten years, Grand Theft Auto Online has given players the chance to experience their roleplaying aspirations, with the earliest glimpses of roleplaying appearing in fan-made servers in 2013.The platform has experienced significant expansion over the past nine years of its availability, now offering a vast array of servers for people to join. Roleplaying has become a popular trend, and it’s no wonder it has also made its way to GTA 5.

By installing a modification, GTA 5 roleplaying servers enable you to take on any persona you desire beyond the main characters like Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. With roleplaying, you can experience everyday life as an ordinary character instead of being the center of attention. The strictness of roleplaying expectations varies among servers, but it’s common for players to be asked to maintain their character and avoid disruptive behavior such as aimless violence. This behavior can lead to conflict with players acting as police characters.

GTA 5 Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is a highly sought-after roleplaying server for Grand Theft Auto 5, capable of accommodating up to 200 players at the same time.However, due to its popularity, long wait times are to be expected. Nevertheless, eclipse provides many opportunities to earn money, purchase, and engage in immersive roleplaying experiences. With a large server capacity, Eclipse RP offers a dedicated forum and Discord channel for players to join. Getting started is simple, sign up on the site, connect through Discord, and introduce yourself.

No Pixel

NoPixel is a highly regarded roleplaying server that is home to some of the most prominent Twitch streamers, known for its strict rules. It’s highly sought after, but the limited number of players allowed, at just 32, results in a lengthy waiting list. Those who wish to join must comply with the server’s rules or face the consequences of a ban.

The Grand Theft Auto RP community anticipates updates from NoPixel, eager to be among the first to test the new additions. Players on NoPixel can take on various roles, such as law enforcement and sanitation workers. The popularity of NoPixel is shown by the spike in views for GTA RP on Twitch after the launch of NoPixel 3.0. Additionally, players consider eclipse and NoPixel among the best and most sought-after servers for roleplaying in Grand Theft Auto V.

Mafia City

Another popular GTA 5 RP server is MafiaCity. This server heavily emphasizes roleplaying and differs from other servers in some ways. It operates on the Rage mode, which eliminates the need for NPCs, and offers a wide range of role options, from notorious criminals to law enforcement or first responder. Joining is straightforward, simply download the Rage mod and connect through the server’s website.

For the best experience, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the community by participating in the discussion board and Discord.

MafiaCity is a one-of-a-kind Grand Theft Auto V Roleplaying (RP) server that distinguishes itself from others by not having NPC characters. Instead, all characters are played by real players, leading to an increased level of immersion and player involvement. In addition, the server offers a diverse range of roles, from criminals to mechanics at Los Santos Customs, providing a well-rounded RP experience for players.

Twitch RP

Twitch RP is a roleplaying server tailored for Twitch streamers. It enables players to provide captivating content for their audiences by participating in virtual missions in Los Santos. Players can select any role they wish, from any walk of life, regardless of its importance or connection to the situation. The city offers more than just criminal activities, presenting a rich and diverse setting for players to experience.

Lucid City

LucidCity is an option for those seeking a roleplaying environment that is less rigid and more spontaneous. As a server listed on FiveM, it welcomes new players with open arms. With features reminiscent of the popular NoPixel server and its unique additions, such as Cayo Perico from GTA Online, LucidCity offers a rich and diverse experience. First, however, getting involved and familiarizing yourself with the community and its rules is recommended. Joining the forum and Discord can help you understand the server’s culture and expectations, allowing you to have a more enjoyable and meaningful experience. Before engaging in any criminal activities, it is recommended to introduce yourself to the forum and Discord community.


For a more demanding roleplaying experience, DOJ is the server to consider. Experienced role players and streamers mostly utilize it, so it might not be suitable for casual players. With a long history and well-established community, DOJ is one of the oldest servers in the roleplaying community. Access to the DOJ server’s whitelist is exclusively through their official Discord. To be eligible for the whitelist, you must be a member of the Discord community. DOJ is renowned for its highly immersive and realistic gameplay, with various roles for players. This server is an excellent choice if you’re an advanced role-player.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been a platform for players to fulfill their roleplaying desires for nearly a decade. As a result, the number of available modded networks has multiplied, now numbering in the thousands.

Despite the game’s aging, its RP servers continue to flourish, attracting a mix of new players, seasoned veterans, and well-known streamers who log in daily to bring their fantasies to life. At the start of 2023, being aware of the most popular and desirable roleplaying servers to join is a must.

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