The Last of Us Fans Speculate on Infected Student Theory in Episode One

The Last of Us Video game adaptation series has captivated fans with the a gripping narrative, compelling characters, and stunning visual effects. With only three episodes left, many viewers have been rewatching the show in anticipation of its dramatic conclusion, which resulted in its eagle-eyed fans finding bizarre details.

In the recently premiered Episode 1 of “The Last of Us” series, viewers are given a glimpse into the day of the outbreak, where many essential characters are lost. Around half of the population becomes infected with the deadly fungus within one night.

Upon closer observation, fans noticed Sarah had already come into contact with other infected individuals before encountering her elderly neighbor. Her elderly neighbor may not have been the primary source of Sarah’s infection but rather just one of the many people she came into contact with who were already infected with the same disease. This could be because the condition has an incubation period, where symptoms may not show up until after some time, or because Sarah could have contracted the disease from an asymptomatic carrier. She may have contracted the disease before encountering her elderly neighbor.

However, upon closer inspection, there may have been an early indicator that people were already becoming infected before either the neighbor or the later encounters.

The moment in question occurs when Sarah is in class and notices a fellow student unusually moving their hand.

On closer examination, it becomes evident that the student is twitching unnaturally, one of the initial symptoms people display after getting infected. While this detail may have gone unnoticed by many viewers, it is a significant clue that suggests the infection had already begun to spread before the first episode’s events.

As a result of this revelation, fans have begun speculating about the infection’s nature and how it is transmitted. Some have suggested that the fungus responsible for the outbreak may have contaminated flour, which would have led to widespread disease through the consumption of bread, pasta, and other baked goods. 

A TikTok commenter pointed out that the student Sarah noticed had a medical bracelet, which could indicate that the individual was more susceptible to the fungus due to an underlying medical condition or was exposed to a higher concentration of it, causing the infection to progress faster. There might have been additional infected individuals in the room, and the fungus spread had already started at the initial stage of the outbreak.

Regardless of the specifics, discovering the infected student in episode one is a chilling reminder that the infection is all around and that no one is safe. Careful attention is given to each detail and expert storytelling that has made “The Last of Us” such a compelling and immersive experience.

Of course, this is not the only hidden detail that fans have uncovered in the series. From the clues about the fate of various characters to the references to the game that inspired the show, there are countless easter eggs and hidden gems to discover.

Apart from discovering the potentially infected student, many fans of “The Last of Us” series have also discussed the significance of the whistling northern lights theory introduced in episode six. This theory may hold clues about the fate of one of the show’s characters, leading to widespread speculation and anticipation among viewers.

The attention to detail in “The Last of Us” is a testament to the skill and dedication of the show’s creators. No matter how small, every piece has been carefully crafted to tell a compelling story. As a result, the show is both exciting and emotionally impactful, with characters that viewers naturally feel compelled to support.

As the final three episodes of the series approach, fans can only wait and see what fate has in store for Sarah, Joel, and the rest of the characters they’ve come to know and love. However, one thing is sure: “The Last of Us” is a show that will stay with viewers long after the final credits roll. With its maestro storytelling, captivating characters, and stunning graphics, it is a must-watch for fans of the genre and anyone who appreciates excellent television.

Fans who have been rewatching the series in anticipation of its conclusion have been rewarded with countless hidden details and easter eggs, each adding to the rich tapestry of the show’s narrative. As the final episodes approach, viewers can only wait and see what other secrets and surprises are in store.

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