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Sabrent & Phison team up for record-breaking SSD speeds

Sabrent, a prominent manufacturer of computer peripherals, is teaming up with Phison Electronics to create an innovative Solid State Drive (SSD) that could transform the industry. 

The Sabrent and Phison collaboration is currently testing the PCIe Gen 5 Rocket X5 SSD to achieve an impressive transfer speed of 14 Gbps, representing a significant breakthrough in the industry.

Despite the current challenges facing the production and technology of the SSD, Sabrent, and Phison are determined to overcome these hurdles and make their ambitious goal a reality.

To achieve these record-breaking levels, Sabrent and Phison are likely using advanced technologies such as 3D NAND flash memory, multi-channel architecture, and high-speed data interfaces. These technologies allow the SSD to process large amounts of data quickly, resulting in faster read and write speeds.

It’s worth noting, however, that benchmarking results are not always indicative of real-world performance. While the Sabrent Rocket X5 Gen 5 SSD may be able to achieve impressive read and write speeds in ideal testing conditions, its real-world performance may be impacted by factors such as the computer’s processor, memory, and other components.

Also they are facing a major challenge in their efforts to produce high-performance SSDs with the PCIe Gen 5 platform due to the difficulty in producing 2400 MTps 3D NAND flash memory. This type of memory is crucial for accessing fast read-write speeds, and currently, only a limited number of manufacturers can produce it. 

SK Hynix and YMTC are among the few manufacturers that produce 3D NAND flash memory, but neither has achieved the required 2400 MTps speed for the Rocket X5 SSD. On the other hand, Micron can produce high-speed SSDs but faces challenges due to limited chip yields, resulting in slower production.

Despite these obstacles, Sabrent is developing the Rocket X5 SSD. The PCIe Gen 5 Rocket X5 SSD prototype versions deliver read speeds of over 12 Gbps. This performance level is superior to the speeds provided by the initial PCIe Gen 5 SSDs that are currently available in the market.

Sabrent and Phison are optimistic that they can reach the 14 Gbps transfer speeds they aim for, although it may require renaming and relabeling the product before release.

The Rocket X5 SSD is being developed to push performance as high as possible without other factors getting in the way. This means that Sabrent and Phison are constantly looking for ways to improve the drive’s performance, whether overcoming production issues or finding new ways to optimize the drive’s technology.

The PCIe Gen 5 platform used in the Rocket X5 SSD provides a significant advantage over previous generations, offering much faster transfer speeds.

Prototype versions of the drive have already achieved read speeds of over 12 Gbps, which shows promise for achieving even higher transfer rates.

The maximum speed for PCIe Gen 5 x4 ranges from 14 to 15 Gbps transfer rates, which creates a strong incentive for manufacturers to achieve this performance level. 

If Sabrent and Phison can achieve their goal of a 14 Gbps transfer speed, it could significantly impact the SSD marketplace. High-performance SSDs are in high demand, particularly for gamers and professionals who require fast data transfer speeds for intensive applications. The Rocket X5 SSD could offer even faster speeds than current market leaders, making it an attractive option for those seeking top-of-the-line performance.

The company has reassured its customers of imminent product releases from its Test Lab in the coming months and provides more information on its official website.

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