Resident Evil 4 Remake Gets VR, Free DLC for PS5

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise can look forward to an exhilarating and immersive experience with the integration of Resident Evil 4‘s gameplay into virtual reality, making it an unmissable opportunity for horror game fans.

The intense action and survival horror gameplay of Resident Evil 4 have made it one of the most beloved entries in the series. The VR mode should offer a new level of immersion, allowing players to experience the game’s scares and thrills more intensely and interactively.

Capcom shared two exciting announcements with fans of the horror series on Wednesday. Firstly, the company confirmed the development of a VR version of RE4 Remake, which had been previously assumed but not officially confirmed. However, the release date for the VR version has yet to be announced.

 As a bonus, Capcom also announced that the VR mode would be offered as free DLC to those who own a PS5 console and the latest PlayStation VR headset.

 It needs to be determined whether the VR mode will also be available on other platforms or VR systems. This announcement has thrilled fans of the Resident Evil series. It promises to deliver a new level of obsession and excitement to one of the most iconic survival horror games ever.

According to a tweet from the official Resident Evil Twitter account, a VR version of the RE4 Remake is currently in development. However, fans will have to wait as the alternate version of the game has only recently begun development and will not be available on the game’s launch date of March 24. Capcom has stated that the VR version of the game will be distributed as free downloadable content (DLC) for players who own the base game on PS5 and have a PS VR2 headset, similar to the way Village was released.

Resident Evil 4 Remake was first announced in 2020, and fans have been eagerly awaiting its release. The original Resident Evil 4 game was released in 2005, and it quickly became a classic, thanks to its intense action and survival horror gameplay. The game was praised for its revolutionary gameplay mechanics, immersive story, and memorable characters.

With the Remake of Resident Evil 4, Capcom aims to bring the game to a new generation of players. The game will feature updated graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and new content not present in the original game. Fans of the series are excited to see what changes and updates Capcom has in store for them.

Capcom has established a trend of supporting virtual reality since the release of Resident Evil 7 in 2017. Capcom has continued its trend of offering VR support for Resident Evil games with the release of PSVR 2 on February 22. One of the VR modes available is Resident Evil Village, which is offered as a free update. In addition, the company has also released several other Resident Evil games with VR support. Fans can even try out a demo of Village’s VR mode by downloading it from the PlayStation Store.

It’s unclear what “PSVR 2 content” means, as Capcom has not provided any details about the VR mode. The VR mode may offer full support for VR gameplay, allowing players to play the entire game in VR. However, it’s also possible that the VR mode will only provide bonus material, similar to the VR mode added to Resident Evil Village. The series fans hope Capcom will give more details about the VR mode before the game’s release.

However, there are concerns about how the VR mode will translate to the PlayStation 5. While Resident Evil 4 is currently playable in VR on Meta Quest 2, the upcoming PS5 version of the game is a complete remake, so any VR-specific work done for the Quest 2 may not be transferable. The PS5 version is being built from the ground up, so it will likely require dedicated work to ensure it runs optimally in VR.

Fans hope the VR mode will be well-executed and provide an experience worth waiting for. Another concern is the release date for the VR mode. Fans hope the VR mode will be released alongside the game, but players may have to wait for the DLC to become available.

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