Quick Review: The Dark Side of the Moon, An Interactive FMV Thriller Video Game

The Dark Side of the Moon is an interactive game that combines live-action video and point-and-click elements to provide players with a unique gaming experience. It is widely known as an FMV game which is a short for Full-Motion Video which is a narration technique that displays pre-recorded video file as a gameplay. 

The game’s story revolves around Dean Hamilton, a father whose children have disappeared overnight. As a player, you help Dean uncover the mystery behind their disappearance and bring them back home safely.

As you proceed in the game, you will need to make choices and solve puzzles to uncover the truth behind the strange events happening in the village of Marywine, where the game is set. Players must be cautious about whom they can trust, as many suspects have potentially conflicting motives. The game also includes several possible endings, so the choices players make during the game will determine the outcome of the story.

Dark Side of the Moon is a sci-fi thriller that features a range of intriguing elements, such as the impending solar eclipse and the strange glowing lights in the sky. As you explore the village and solve puzzles, you will make some startling discoveries and unravel the true nature of the mystery. Overall, the game is an engaging and immersive experience that challenges players to think critically and make strategic decisions.

The lead actor, Darren Hall, who also directed and wrote the game, gives an average performance as Dean, but at times lacks the sincerity and emotional depth one would expect from a father whose children have just disappeared. Similarly, his friend Julian, played by an unknown actor, delivers a subpar performance, lacking any fundamental acting skills. However, Rupert Booth, who plays the character of the ancient evil being Gedeon, is an excellent addition to the cast, bringing the necessary depth and charisma to his role. Although a little over-the-top, his performance is engaging and fun to watch. Anarosa Butler, who has appeared in other interactive games, gives a convincing and humorous performance as the geeky and paranoid conspiracy theorist Alyx. While some of the acting in “The Dark Side of the Moon” is mediocre, including more experienced actors, such as Booth and Butler, elevates the overall quality of the performances.

The game “The Dark Side of the Moon” features news reports that come and go, providing updates on an upcoming eclipse that is best viewed in Marywine. However, the believability of the situation could be better, as the game portrays the small town as being largely empty despite the influx of visitors. Despite these inconsistencies, the eclipse is a crucial plot element that drives the story and creates a sense of urgency and intrigue.

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The performances of the two actors who play Detective Blackwell and Alyx add some energy to “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Although they tend to overact, their performances are engaging and provide memorable quotes. Rupert Booth, who played a role in “The Singing Detective,” and Anarosa Butler, who plays the part of the eccentric conspiracy theorist, are the two actors who deliver the most memorable performances.

Compared to other FMV games, “The Dark Side of the Moon” is more ambitious, offering more interactive gameplay than simply selecting dialogue options. While there are still some decision-making moments where you can choose to put the kids to bed or take out the bins, the game mainly involves deciding where Dean should go in the village, giving players more freedom and control over the game’s narrative.


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