Pictured: Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana arriving to watch his inauguration

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While she has missed out on becoming First Lady, Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana is still supporting him as he becomes the 45th president of the United States.

The entrepreneur’s first wife has been spotted leaving her plush home in New York City and heading to Washington DC to watch him as he officially takes the keys to the White House. Ivana has three children with Donald – Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr – and she will be joining them to watch on as their father is sworn in.

Questioned about whether Mr Trump would make a good president, Ivana said he would. The 67 year old was seen wearing a huge blue fur coat with a matching purse as she headed to Washington. Bizarrely, she was also wearing what looked to be a denim jacked underneath a pinstripe business suit.

Second and third wives

It is also expected that the former reality star’s second wife Marla Maples will be there. She has previously been accused by Ivana of being a homewrecker for breaking up her marriage. Mr Trump is now married to model Melania, 46, who has already been seen by his side for a celebratory inauguration concert, for which she donned a slinky gold column dress.

Ivana said while she was still with him that she believed Mr Trump had what it took to become president. His first wife said that he was encouraged to run by Ronald Reagan three decades ago and that she had expected him to do so before now, but that his popularity had waned following their divorce. She also said last year that she was casting her vote for her former partner and that she felt confident he would win. She said: “He’s going to run the country as a business. He’s going to negotiate. And he knows how to make decisions.”

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