Obama vs Trump: Who Would Win

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Those pesky term limits won’t end this debate with any definitely.  President Obama and President-elect Trump disagree on how an Obama campaign would have fared in this most recent presidential election.  The Twittersphere lit up after Obama said in an interview with former senior advisor, David Axelrod that had he run again he would have been able to do what Clinton couldn’t, mobilize the party and defeat Donald Trump. The hope that Obama inspired with was lost in the latest democratic campaign.

And, of course, unlike presidential candidates before him, Trump has the habit of flocking to twitter to voice his opinion on every topic imaginable.  Trump quickly responded, tweeting, “President Obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. NO WAY!”

Obama says that Trumps win did not mean that the idea of one America doesn’t always “manifest itself in politics.”  Clinton’s problem was one of a “double standard with her”, says Obama.  The effort to garner voters and communicate, not policy, is what he believes led to a Trump victory.  There are a few points which lead most to agree with him.  Obamas approval rating as he leaves the presidency is at 54%, while Trump is entering office at 44%.  Obama came into his presidency at 68% according to Gallop.  These numbers tend to lead Obama to believe that this was not about Trump.  Obama’s popularity was higher than Hillary Clinton, he may have been an easier pill to swallow for some who voted for Trump.  The current president is also a better campaigner and managed to rally voters for two successful campaigns.  Clinton did not make the necessary stops to get the job done, perhaps thinking she had it in the bag.  African-Americans seemed to get out the vote for Obama in a way that they just did not for Clinton.  Hillary Clinton was dogged with the e-mail scandal, overcoming the Clinton Foundation, and her husband’s past.



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