Nomad Security Camera Reviews: Quick Facts, Latest Updates and Features

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This Nomad Security Camera review will examine each of the various components of this camera system in greater detail to determine whether it is truly worth your money.


The Nomad Security Camera, also known as Nomad Light Bulb Security Camera, is a great way to add an extra layer of security to one’s home, workplace, or any other location. Users of the Nomad Security Camera will not have to worry about potential security threats, allowing them to relax and feel at ease.

Nomad Security Camera has emerged as one of the most worthwhile options for those looking to ensure that their home is adequately protected while still staying on a budget.

While the majority of homeowners have installed standard security cameras, these really fall short of offering the same level of technology and support that a contemporary security system should. These cameras frequently stop working at random during the night, when they might be most needed. Additionally, their video quality is quite dated, and they are difficult to install and not very intuitive to use. Because of this very reason, the majority of home and business owners have been looking into innovative ways to protect their properties from potential harm and danger. Nomad Security Cameras is rapidly expanding its video quality and recording capability and provide you with one of the finest ways to monitor everything happening within the premises of your home or place of business.

Overview of the Nomad Security Camera and its Uses

The Nomad security camera has been designed to be a cutting-edge surveillance solution for homes and workplaces. It provides users with all of the essential features they might be looking for. This goes beyond simple tasks like proper installation and setup, which are a breeze. But it also guarantees that one can properly keep their equipment active regardless of the time of day.

Thanks to the camera’s excellent video quality, one can capture every moment without worrying that it will be blurry or difficult to see. When users first install the security camera, they will notice some of its core qualities, which include ease of use and assistance. It provides all the benefits people might expect from a product like this. And the fact that it can be entirely controlled from a phone just makes the whole thing so much easier.

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There was a time when people wanted to know what was going on, but they had to go to a specific room because that’s where the security equipment was located. One can now receive the live feed directly on their mobile devices.

The Nomad Security Camera allows you to operate the camera solely from your phone. Therefore, one’s own phone can be used to control aspects of the device, such as the lens’s angle and other features, like the light it emits. This is one of the main factors contributing to its recent increase in popularity because it adds a level of flexibility and safety that is typically lacking in alternative products.

Quick Facts:

The Nomad Security Camera’s low price, incredibly small size, and exceptional features set it apart. The best feature is that it is as simple to install as screwing a light bulb into any socket. The Nomad Security Camera looks like a standard lightbulb, but it actually does a lot more.

  • The state-of-the-art Nomad Security Camera can be installed anywhere, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your home or business.
  • It connects to WiFi quickly and allows you to monitor activity from your mobile device.
  • It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.
  • All movements are tracked by Motion Sensing Technology.
  • Infrared technology is used to monitor activity both during the day and at night.
  • All activity can be recorded on a 64GB SD card.
  • No batteries are required; plug into any standard bulb outlet.
  • The app has an easy-to-use interface and can be accessed from any of your devices.
  • The camera pans 360 degrees, allowing you to see everything.
  • Motion When the slightest movement is detected, the light turns on.
  • After a power outage, “Power Protect Technology” automatically reconnects the camera.
  • Encrypt data so only the designated users can view recordings.
  • Intercom system with two-way communication; speak and listen at the same time.

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Ideal location Nomad Security Camera should be placed in:


A common entry point for burglars and intruders is your staircase. Basements and balconies with stairs are other options. Install a Nomad Security Camera for 24/7 360-degree monitoring to keep an eye on these locations.


Your garage door or driveway offers a convenient entrance to your home. This is the route that burglars frequently use to attack your home.


Doors on the front, back, and sides are ideal places to have Nomad security cameras. Even though it happens less frequently, burglars often enter through the front door, especially if a security system is not visible. In other instances, they enter through the side and back doors. You can keep track of any activity in real-time using the Nomad Security Camera.

Off-street windows

Off-street windows give burglars and trespassers a way in. It’s difficult to spot activity here because it’s out of sight, so security cameras must be installed.


Due to the items that are typically kept there, your living room and master bedroom are frequently targets for burglars. Installing Nomad security cameras in these areas will allow you to keep an eye on intruders who manage to break into your home.

The contents of the box:

  • Nomad Security Camera
  • Installation tool kit
  • Instructional Manual
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


The Nomad security camera is the only inexpensive security camera that provides incredibly complete surveillance with its high-tech security camera and intuitive controls.

The following are Nomad Security Camera’s key features:

Simple Setup and Installation

In contrast to traditional security cameras, which require professional installation, Nomad security camera allows you to quickly install the device and move it anywhere you want. Installation and setup are extremely simple. Screw this camera into an E26 or E27 light socket. To view your home in real-time without a drill, wiring, power cable, or difficult setup, just open the app, and you have a complete surveillance system in your hand.

360° Panoramic Camera

Many security cameras provide hassle-free, good-quality surveillance, but they only cover some angles and has to be positioned at a particular angle to cover a limited view. However, the Nomad security camera features a 360° panoramic view angle and a 1080p image resolution, giving you every monitoring aspect in detail as it can cover all the angles, which also means no blind angles. 

Full-color night vision

Most security cameras do not provide clear and full-colored night vision. The vision quality is poor or blurry as they do not have anything that would aid in lighting in the nighttime.

But the Nomad security camera has the ability to switch to full-color night vision. The color contrast and quality are outstanding compared to infrared night vision. The infrared LEDs enhance the transmission of 1080p high-quality videos.

Thanks to the four built-in infrared lights and the four white LED lights that help in very dark environments. It is ideal for watching over your home or animals while you’re away.

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Real-Time Alerts & Motion Tracking

Traditional security cameras can only record the view, and their footage can only be seen afterward on the systems that are connected to them. The Nomad Bulb, on the other hand, has an automatic motion sensor that keeps track of moving things until they block its view. The Nomad security camera immediately notifies your device when motion is detected. One of the sophisticated features of the Nomad Bulb Security Camera Kit is the motion sensor. The sensor uses cutting-edge infrared technology to track unauthorized individuals who enter the field of view of the security camera, and it immediately notifies you of the issue by sending you a motion alert.

Safe and secure recordings

Despite not including an SD card, Nomad Security cameras are still reasonably priced. The Nomad is one of the few cameras on the market that can record video onto an internal 64GB SD card for later viewing. As a result, you don’t need to worry about monthly fees for cloud storage or other online storage options. All recordings are also encrypted, so only you or those who know the administrator’s password can view the footage.

Highly Sophisticated Alarm System

Previously, security cameras and security alarm systems were required to be installed separately. However, with the Nomad security camera, a sophisticated alarm system is built into the security camera. It can be pre-programmed to sound the moment a stranger or intruder is spotted. This alarm is not too loud to regularly disturb your neighbors, but it is loud enough to scare off any potential intruders. This alarm can be set, activated, or deactivated using the Nomad app.

Night Vision and Motion Tracking Capabilities

The Nomad Security Camera’s ability to see in the dark is one of its most remarkable features. As a result, even in complete darkness, the camera can record recognizable and practical footage. It is impossible to overstate the enormous benefit this provides you, particularly at night. Motion tracking then complements the camera’s night vision capabilities, enabling it to track the movement of potential intruders and start recording video automatically. 

High quality

The manufacturers of the Nomad security camera adhere to the highest standards possible and make the commitment to exceed both your current and future expectations. It is the best security camera brand in this area, and no other brand comes close to its quality.

Connects to any device

It is compatible with mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. It does not require any drilling or wiring, making it simple and convenient to use.

Superbright LED Light

This camera, which also functions as a light, will make use of its incredibly powerful LED lights in order to shed light on any dark area. This camera does not require any wires or batteries because it draws power directly from the wall socket. As a result, its source of energy is infinite, and it never depletes. In contrast to doorbell cameras that already have a built-in camera, this one is extremely portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Excellent for planning vacations and making reservations at AirBnBs. After using the Nomad Security Camera, it is almost certain that you will feel compelled to share your experience with the device with your close friends and family.

Power protection technology

The Nomad Security Camera has a unique feature of Power Protect Technology that resets after power outages. The camera automatically reconnects to power upon a power outage, ensuring full-time coverage.

Extended lifespan

Light Bulb Security Cameras do not need batteries because cameras are powered by electricity. The camera will last between three and twenty years with proper care, depending on how well it is taken care of.

Easy returns policy

Within the first thirty days after purchase, you have the option to return any item and receive a complete refund if you are not completely satisfied with it.

Easy-to-Use App’s GUI

The camera’s app has a friendly graphic user interface to enable them to access footage from their smart devices. A QR code will be included with all Nomad Security Camera units. This code will contain the app that must be downloaded to connect all cameras. The Nomad Camera is designed so multiple users can access the camera. The camera can be shared between devices, family members, business owners, and employees.


  • Full 1080p Panorama Covering 360°
  • Audio in real-time and two-way chat
  • Control by remote and connection via wireless technology
  • Simple in both the Installation and Usage
  • The Night Vision Capability
  • Real-Time Motion Monitoring and Notifications
  • “Power Protect Technology” automatically reconnects the camera after power outages.
  • Data encryption so only the designated user(s) can view recordings.


  • Because it does not have any protection against theft, it can be taken from your front door, but it will still record live video of the intruder and send it to your phone.
  • Because of the popularity and demand, the product is occasionally out of supply; therefore, you might find that you need to make the purchase as soon as possible.
  • The Nomad Bulb Security Camera can only be purchased through its official website; it is not offered for sale in any retail store anywhere in the United States.

Price & Verdict

Given that traditional security systems can cost up to $800, you might expect the Nomad security camera bulb to cost at least $500. Would you believe me if I said, however, that the Nomad security camera only costs $93.99? 

What’s even better than paying the full price of $93.99, which is already a fair amount, though? You can order yours for only $46, thanks to a 50% discount that they are currently giving!

That is a reasonable cost to pay for a brand-new, high-end security system that will safeguard you and your family. The goal of Nomad Security Camera Bulb is primarily to draw in new clients. They wager that after customers use their cameras, they will receive a ton of positive reviews and unpaid exposure on social media by offering such a sizable discount of 50% off! The best kind of marketing is word-of-mouth advertising from pleased customers!

The Nomad Security Camera is currently in high demand, so the discounted price won’t last long. Watch out for your pet, take care of your kids and elderly relatives, and keep your house secure with this magnificent all-in-one security camera. This is the simplest way to protect your belongings and ensure the safety of you and your family. Costly cameras, pricey installation, or other expenses are not necessary. The promotion price is astounding for a security system this sophisticated.

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Affiliate Disclosure: We might receive a small commission if you decide to purchase this product from the affiliate links here on this page. We only review and recommend quality products to ensure the safety and trust of our readers. 

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