New Fortnite Season Update – All you need to know

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Epic Games, in their latest update of Chapter 3 Season 2, have implemented a ‘no-building’ mode in Fortnite. According to this, players will no longer be able to build any kind of structures in Fortnite for a while. This astounding news has left the fans with mixed reactions and has changed the entire environment of the game officially.

Epic Games has been teasing this feature for quite a while and it started with the addition of Swimming in Fortnite. After the implosion of the map, the swimming feature was added which made the game quicker and more mobile. Since then, there have been new upgrades to help explore the map in the game without building. Epic Games introduced vehicles such as planes, cars along with zip lines, and launch pads which can all be effectively used to jump around the map. Recently, the addition of sliding down mountains at immense speeds and swinging throughout the world using Spider-Man’s web slingers has impacted the game and has proved to be an almost equal alternative to the building feature.

The new update has brought a lot of changes along with the ‘no building’ addition. However, the feature is not completely gone as it is still available in Competitive, Arena, Team Rumble, and Save The World. It has been removed from the standard Battle Royale game mode. Apart from this, there have been several new additions to try out:


The new season has added another interesting feature known as ‘Mantling’. This is a climbing mechanic and can be used to grab onto ledges and climb high or reach second floors without using stairs.

Tactical Sprint and Speed Enhancements:

In addition to climbing, the default movement speed has also been increased which ultimately increases the overall sprinting speed. The new sprinting speed can be used to bash through doors while running and sliding without interrupting the pace of the game. Tactical Sprint has been added to the game as well which provides players with a bigger window to escape quickly.


An extra layer of armor has been given to the players. This Overshield, being the first to take a hit before the normal Shield and Health Bar, can also recharge even if it goes down to zero.

Fortnite is known to feature known video games or movie characters in their game. In this season, Doctor Strange and Prowler from the Marvel Universe have joined the fight alongside other Resistance fighters as well.

Since players will be using the vehicles to move around and about the map more, repair torches have been added which can repair the vehicles, and a Cow Catcher which can modify them too. A combat SMG, a striker burst rifle, and 10 old weapons from Chapter 3 Season 1 have returned to aid the players in battle. Furthermore, to support Ukrainians, all proceedings from Fortnite have been decided to be a donation to humanitarian relief until April 3.

Fans are contradicting one another following the announcement of the removal of ‘Building’ from Fortnite. Pro-Builders who had taken their time perfecting their building techniques had a significant advantage over those who were not in favor of it. According to them, building slowed them down, it diverted their focus away from the actual motive of the game which was Battle Royale where fighting to survive was the main goal. On the other hand, Pro-builders argued that the ‘Building’ feature was the heart and soul of Fortnite. They believe it gave the game uniqueness because of which it is played by millions of people and without it, Fortnite is just another Battle Royale video game with nothing special about it. These opposing remarks have blasted the internet even though this removal is only temporary. The ‘Building’ feature will reportedly be added back into the game soon but until then, players will have to make do with the alternatives provided by the developers.

Epic Games has turned Fortnite into a fast-paced game and the new features have only made it swifter. While many players loved the idea of building in Fortnite, many dreaded it as it slowed them down. However, upgrades like Mantling, Tactical Sprint, and others have greatly increased the atmosphere of the game and have allowed players to enjoy a battle royale with equal benefits to every individual player.

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