Netflix Interactive Puss in Book

Netflix contributes to Interactive TV with a gaming-like option

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A very interesting feature is hitting Netflix for adults this December that would definitely change the way we watch our favorite TV shows or movies.

You know the feeling you get when the movie or show you’re watching doesn’t have a satisfying ending and you wish that you could change that? or while discussing the show with your friends, you come up with a crazy alternate ending theory to the show and your friends like it better too. Well, now you can have it. Netflix is offering a choose-your-own-adventure option in one of the episodes of upcoming season of “Black Mirror”.

This feature will allow you to watch the story based on what options you choose given in the storyline. Each option will lead you to a different scenario of the story and you’ll get to watch what you deserved. You can also re-watch the episode and choose different options to check out the alternate scenarios.

Netflix is experimenting Interactive TV approach on its platform by blending it with a feature of gaming; as like in many campaign games, you get to choose your destination and story to play, now you’ll be doing it to watch your favorite Netflix show or netflix original movie too if their experiment with the “Black Mirror” goes well.

Black Mirror is a famous sci-fi anthology series on Netflix, focusing on the futuristic technology and its effects on the humans and society. So far we’ve watched some mind-boggling stuff coming from Black Mirror, such as digital clones of real humans, person’s credibility judged by his social media rating, bee robots hacked to kill humans, eye lenses that record everything and much more of such craziness. Black Mirror ought to shed a light on what could possibly happen if the technological advancement is misused.

However this is not the first time that Netflix is trying an interactive feature. It has already introduced the feature for kids on its show called “Puss in Book”. In an animated cartoon of the famous Puss in Boots story, viewer has the control over the storyline and he/she can choose from the options given to reach the next scenario of the cartoon.

Netflix Interactive Puss in Book
Netflix Interactive Puss in Book

This Netflix Interactive has gotten kids hooked to its show, which might have given Netflix the courage to offer the same interactive feature to adults too.

Black Mirror seemed to be the best show to try something like that for adults as this show has already left viewers speechless with its highly creative and hard-to-guess storyline on each episode. Now with the inclusion of interactive feature to it would definitely make it one of its kind if it isn’t already.

Can’t wait for season 5!


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