Like a Dragon Ishin: A quick guide to become a Combat Expert

In the video game Like a Dragon: Ishin, Sakamoto Ryouma can utilize four distinct combat styles, each with its own set of moves and skills that can be advantageous in various combat situations.

It’s essential to distribute skill points among these combat styles to maximize their potential benefits. By doing so, players can effectively utilize the strengths of each combat style and improve their chances of succeeding in various combat situations. Investing skill points across all four combat styles can provide strategic advantages during battles in Like A Dragon: Ishin.

The game provides players access to a diverse range of combat skills for each style at the outset, but these can only be acquired with sufficient orbs.

However, some of the most potent and advantageous skills require players to complete certain tasks and locate specific trainers before they can be utilized.

This guide assists players in obtaining these skills by providing the locations of trainers for all four combat styles. By locating and completing tasks for the appropriate trainer, players can unlock the full potential of their combat styles and gain a strategic advantage in battles.

Like A Dragon: Ishin has a combat technique called the Brawler Style that features close-range hand-to-hand combat combined with parries, counterattacks, and moves reminiscent of Kiryu’s Dragon Style in past Yakuza/Like A Dragon games and Yakuza 0’s Brawler Style.

To acquire new techniques for this style, players need to seek guidance from Komaki, who is the master of this fighting style and holds the key to mastering it. It means that players need to find and learn from Komaki to gain new abilities and enhance their Brawler Style during combat. By honing their Brawler Style techniques, players can effectively fight in close combat situations and gain an advantage in battles Like A Dragon: Ishin.

Acquiring new Brawler techniques from Komaki is essential for players looking to improve their Brawler Style and succeed in the game’s combat scenario.

To acquire new abilities and skills, players must undertake the challenges presented by Komaki. These abilities are highly advantageous in combat situations and can significantly enhance a player’s fighting prowess.

By completing these challenges and unlocking new techniques, players can bolster their combat strategies and improve their chances of success in battles. In conclusion, Komaki’s Dojo is a vital hub for players seeking to broaden their combat horizons and achieve tremendous success in Like A Dragon: Ishin.

The Swordsman Style is a powerful and well-rounded technique in Like A Dragon: Ishin, suitable for offensive and defensive purposes. It can deal significant damage and is effective against various weapons, making it particularly useful against boss fights and enemies with guns.

Moreover, some of its moves can hit multiple targets with great force. In summary, the Swordsman Style is a versatile and practical combat strategy players should consider adding to their arsenal in Like A Dragon: Ishin.

To enhance their skills in the Swordsman Style of Like A Dragon: Ishin, players must make their way to the Ginryu Dojo on the upper west side of Rakugai.

This Dojo becomes available in chapter 3, and players can reach it by walking along the road outside. There, they will come across some Ronin who will attempt to start a confrontation, but Ginryu, the Dojo’s Master, will step in and invite players to partake in training for both Swordsman and Wild Dancer styles.

However, Ginryu has a specific requirement for his training. To receive his guidance, players must present swords of increasing quality, from the least sharp to the best. It is worth noting that swords of higher quality than the one Ginryu requests at each stage will not qualify.

Players can significantly improve their Swordsman Style skills by meeting Ginryu’s requirements and undergoing training with him, giving them an advantage in battles and boss fights.

Although Like A Dragon: Ishin has a different setting, it shares many similarities with other games in the Yakuza series. The game uses a four-fighting-style system similar to Yakuza 0, which enables players to switch between Brawler, Swordsman, Gunman, and Wild Dancer styles during combat.

To succeed in combat, players must understand and balance each style’s skill tree, equipment, and items. Brawler is all about hand-to-hand combat, Swordsman and Gunman rely on weapons, while Wild Dancer is a hybrid fighting style that combines a sword and a gun.

Players can use any style based on personal preference, but balancing their usage is essential to earn XP and skill points for each class.

Each fighting style in Like A Dragon: Ishin has its skill tree with different orbs, including class orbs, training orbs, and the fifth type of orb, awarded as you level up overall. While training orbs can be used in any skill tree, once class orbs are used to purchase a skill, they cannot be exchanged with training orbs.

The skill tree is comprised of two types of skills that are essential in boosting the player’s damage output: new attacks that introduce unique moves and combos, and stat boosts that enhance the fighting style’s damage capabilities.

Some skills are locked and can only be learned from relevant training grounds, such as Komaki Dojo for Brawler, Unyuan for Gunman, and Ginryu Dojo for Wild Dancer and Swordsman.

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