Is ISIS plotting a chemical terror attack on Britain?

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Minister of State for Security Ben Wallace says that ISIS is planning to carry out a chemical attack, designed to cause mass atrocities, on British soil. Mr Wallace said exercises are now being carried out to make sure authorities are prepared for such a terror assault.

ISIS is known to have the ability to make its own mustard gas, having already used chemical warfare tactics in the Middle East. Ingredients to make mustard gas bombs are relatively easy to get as most of them are used legally in other ways. Troops battling the terror organisation have been horrifically injured, with painful blisters forming on their skin, and severe lung damage.

Mr Wallace issued the stark warning, saying that ISIS had no moral qualms about using chemical weapons against civilians and would not hesitate to do so in Britain if it had the ability and opportunity. He also said that Al-Qaeda is also becoming more of a threat once more, with the biggest threat to Britain coming in the form of cyber attacks.

Stay vigilant

He urged British civilians to be on their guard, and report any suspicious behaviour in order to find “the enemy within”. The MP also said he was worried that foreign agencts and colleagues could be corrupted by criminal gangs. “If it’s hard to get in the front door,” he said, “then what you try to do is get someone on the inside”.

His warnings comes after a new report last month said that ISIS was aspiring to carry out chemical attacks, but more conventional assaults using guns and bombs were still the most likely threat in the UK. There are also concerns that drones could be used to cause death and injury, following the death of two Kurdish fighters, who were killed by an ISIS drone which had been fitted with explosive devices.


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