I’m not swapping acting for activism, says Michael Sheen

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Los Angeles based actor Michael Sheen has denied that he is set to quit acting to concentrate on a career in politics. After a newspaper interview with the Welsh actor, there was speculation that he wanted to ditch the stage and screen for social activism following a number of political shocks this year, including Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US.

Mr Sheen had said that he wanted to respond to the “demagogic fascistic” move of politics and said that he would now be working less as an actor, possibly quitting. However, just a few hours later, he seemed to do an about turn, saying he would not be quitting activing and leaving Hollywood behind.


Well known for his left leaning political views, Mr Sheen has a role in the latest Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt movie Passengers. He had told reporters that he had been soul searching to figure out what he could do to be most effective to turn what he said was an anti democratic tide.

He said that the political landscape would be completely different in a decade, saying that if he was in to fight this change, then he would be fully in. However, he has now said that the speculation had become ridiculous. The actor said that he had not said he was quitting.

Mr Sheen claimed that what he did say was that he had become more involved with community issues over the last few years. He clarified that he might stop for a while at some point in the future, but that he wasn’t sure about that yet. So far, he has made a speech at a march to mark St David’s Day last year, which was designed to celebrate the NHS. He has also criticised former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s claim that there was no such thing as society.


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