How to Unleash the Power of Circuit Boards in The Planet Crafter

At the beginning of The Planet Crafter, players are tasked with building basic structures such as heaters, vegetubes, and wind turbines within a limited base area, as well as a few drills outside. As the game progresses, players expand their bases into much larger structures, incorporating larger heaters and drills that can overshadow buildings and automated systems that handle all material-gathering tasks. As players advance further into the game, the gameplay becomes much more intricate and vaster, featuring sprawling and highly sophisticated systems.

The Planet Crafter game incorporates circuit boards as a fundamental resource that players require to advance through the game’s later stages. Initially, players can retrieve these boards by scavenging from shipwrecks, but eventually, they can manufacture them autonomously. However, acquiring all the necessary components can be daunting and requires substantial effort from players. In the game’s later stages, circuit boards assume a more critical role, and obtaining them becomes an essential aspect of gameplay, demanding significant focus and attention from players.

Acquiring a circuit board in The Planet Crafter game can be difficult as it requires a Terraformation Index score of 160 GTi, which is almost as high as the requirement for pulsar quartz. Fortunately, players can get circuit boards much earlier by using the T2 deconstruction microchip, which becomes available after obtaining a blueprint microchip. This feature allows players to dismantle technical debris and acquire circuit boards for free, providing a quicker way to obtain this essential resource. It is important to keep in mind that the availability of technical debris is limited in The Planet Crafter game, and players will eventually run out of it. As a result, players must find alternative ways to acquire circuit boards as they advance through the game.

After players have unlocked the circuit board recipe in The Planet Crafter game, they can create their own circuit boards by combining a range of materials at an Advanced Craft Station. The recipe requires one unit of silicon, iron, aluminum, bioplastic nugget, zeolite, and nitrogen. However, obtaining nitrogen can take a lot of work, posing a challenge for players. After reaching the Breathable Atmosphere milestone in The Planet Crafter game, players can obtain nitrogen from Gas Extractors, which is a dependable way to acquire this crucial resource and allow them to produce circuit boards.

The Planet Crafter game heavily relies on circuit boards in various recipes, especially in the later stages.  In order to create a Drone Station in the game, players need to gather three circuit boards as a base requirement. However, if players want to build more drones, they will need an extra circuit board for each additional drone. Drones are highly beneficial in the game as they help automate the collection of resources, making them an essential element of gameplay. Even though obtaining and crafting circuit boards can be challenging, the benefits of creating a fleet of drones make an effort worthwhile for players.

Circuit boards are vital in The Planet Crafter game, as they are integral parts of various machines and rockets. To create the “Animals” category of biomass in The Planet Crafter game, players must have one circuit board each for the Aquarium T1 and T2. Extracting specific gases requires a circuit board for the Gas Extractor T2, and the GPS Satellite T4 and Drones Visualization Rocket also need this component to function. Since more items may require circuit boards in future game updates, players should plan to have an ample supply of them, even after assembling a collection of drones.

To produce Circuit Boards, players must first obtain Nitrogen Cartridges by utilizing a Gas Extractor. The problem is that players need Circuit Boards to build a Gas Extractor, creating a catch-22 situation. Thus, players may wonder how to obtain Circuit Boards in the first place.

In The Planet Crafter, players must first obtain the Deconstruction T2 Microchip upgrade to acquire a Circuit Board. Although players can access the first tier by default, crafting the second tier is necessary to unlock the Deconstruction T2. Once opened, players must venture to the various crashed ships scattered throughout the game world, which include the starting hit the boat, to obtain Circuit Boards.

A deconstruction microchip is a handy tool for players to modify their base and investigate shipwrecks. However, the deconstruction of microchips needs to be improved when it comes to dismantling technical debris like intricate computer stacks that are too complex for the regular chip to handle. Technological debris is scattered throughout the game’s abandoned sites and wrecks, and players need to upgrade their deconstruction chip to break it down effectively.

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