How to Master the Sacking Selwyn Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a video game where the player takes on the character of a student in their fifth year of study at the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and play with the magic.

Initially, players are required to participate in several mystical educational sessions. As they progress, they are allowed to explore the world beyond the confines of the classroom. The game provides an immersive experience that will enable players to fully engage with the wizarding world and experience the wonder of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy presents players with numerous captivating side quests as they explore the vast game universe. Nonetheless, certain missions, such as the Sacking Selwyn quest, are not immediately available and can only be accessed after a certain period. Instead, they can only be accessed after players reach a particular point in the main story. Therefore, players must advance through the primary narrative before accessing certain side quests.

Players can engage in many side quests as a welcome respite from the primary questline. These quests allow players to earn extra XP and offer enticing gear as rewards for their efforts.

The side quests in Hogwarts Legacy are multifaceted and varied. Some quests involve capturing magical creatures, while others include defeating certain game characters. One example is the “Sacking Selwyn” side mission, which requires players to overcome a specific in-game adversary named Silvanus Selwyn.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players must fulfill specific criteria before embarking on the Sacking Selwyn side quest. It involves completing the “Helm of Urtkot” main quest and achieving level 35 within the game.

Once these requirements are met, players can trigger the Sacking Selwyn quest by heading to Cragcroft and conversing with Hyacinth Oliver. Hyacinth will then instruct players to take down Silvanus Selwyn as part of the side mission.

When players interact with Hyacinth Oliver in Hogwarts Legacy, she will inform them about a group of Ashwinders that are causing trouble in Cragcroft under the leadership of Silvanus Selwyn. She will inform the player that there is a reward for anyone who can enter the hideout at Clagmar Castle and successfully get rid of Selwyn.

To start the Sacking Selwyn side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to fly on their broomstick towards the ruins of Clagmar Castle, located on a hill to the southwest of Cragcroft. If they have already discovered the Floo Flame in this area, they can use it to fast-travel to the castle for a quicker quest completion. Once at the castle, players should explore the purple circle on their map to locate Silvanus Selwyn, one of the game’s Infamous Foes. Since Selwyn has allies, players should expect a difficult battle before confronting him.

While leveling up and meeting the requirements to trigger the Sacking Selwyn side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, players may encounter a scenario where they unknowingly defeat Selwyn and clear the bandit camp prematurely. It can result in a game glitch where Hyacinth Oliver fails to spawn correctly.

Regrettably, the only viable solution to rectify the bug is to commence a new game until the game developers create a patch to fix the problem.

As soon as players arrive at Clagmar Castle in Hogwarts Legacy, Silvanus Selwyn and his minions will immediately attack them upon seeing them. But if players want to avoid any disturbances, they can use the Disillusionment charm to secretly infiltrate the ruins.

To successfully complete the task, players must approach the ruins from the southern side while using the Disillusionment charm to remain invisible. They should then approach Selwyn from the left side of the tent where he is located. Attacking him from behind with Petrificus Totalus will deal considerable damage, but it will not render him completely motionless.

After completing the task of defeating Silvanus Selwyn and his gang, the player should return to Cragcroft and meet Hyacinth Oliver. The NPC can be found at the top of the same hill where she first spoke to the player about Selwyn.

When the player interacts with Hyacinth, they can ask for a greater reward for their services. However, if they choose to do so, Hyacinth will insult the player character and offer them only 500 Galleons as a reward. Alternatively, selecting the “Happy to help” vote will result in a reward of 300 Galleons.

The decision the player makes when speaking to Hyacinth Oliver after completing the Sacking Selwyn side quest will not impact the main storyline.

Hence, players can choose either option without worrying about the consequences. Following the cutscene, players will obtain the Ashwinder Skull Gloves, as well as the Galleons they chose as their reward.

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