How to Beat the Ultimate Boss, Bo Cai in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Within the realm of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the secondary battle zone named ‘The Yellow Heaven Burns’ appears to be a run-of-the-mill location, except for one formidable foe named Changgui. The remaining enemies encountered in this area are all human and can be quickly dispatched by employing just a handful of strategic strikes.

In the optional side battlefield, ‘The Yellow Heaven Burns’ of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, battles are generally straightforward, with the exception of Bo Cai. Although Bo Cai appears to be an ordinary human adversary, he possesses a deep reservoir of life points, employs unique combat maneuvers, and is supported by allies.

In a one-on-one battle, Bo Cai can prove to be one of the most challenging enemies in the game. However, implementing a well-planned strategy makes it possible to transform this formidable foe into a relatively simple battle.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players should know that a complete respec of character attributes is attainable with starting over. However, there are specific measures they can take to increase their chances of success against the final boss.

Firstly, reaching the nearest flag is essential as it serves as a vital checkpoint for the upcoming battle. Once there, players must ensure that their resources, such as the Divine Beast, reinforcements, weapons, and armor, are configured optimally for the final boss fight. By doing so, players can significantly boost their likelihood of succeeding in this crucial battle.

It’s important to note that in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players can reduce the difficulty of the final boss battle by maximizing their character’s morality and fortitude, which is valid for most missions. Players should aim to increase their morality level to 25 by defeating previously defeated enemies and rest at a flag to make the final boss fight more manageable.

It is also essential to obtain all the flags to maximize grit, which can reduce the penalty if the character loses to the boss. Having the Divine Beast meter fully charged is also recommended, as this can further enhance the chances of success in the final boss fight.

When facing him one-on-one, those with a muscular early-game build may not find Bo Cai, a problematic opponent. However, the presence of his two allies beside him can pose a challenge.

One ally can be taken down instantly with an aerial attack, while the other is more skilled with a staff, ranked higher on the weapon tier list than a straight sabre. Thus, players should prioritize taking out the staff-wielding ally on the left first before engaging with the other opponent and, ultimately, Bo Cai. By doing so, players can increase their chances of success in the battle against Bo Cai and his allies.

To level the playing field against Bo Cai, players should prioritize eliminating the remaining minion as quickly as possible. Even though this minion is not an elite enemy, their presence can still pose a significant threat.

In typical boss battles, players need to have a solid grasp of the boss’s movements and execute effective blocking or parrying maneuvers to gain the upper hand. Thus, players should closely observe Bo Cai’s actions and movements, learn his attack patterns, and develop a counter-strategy to fend off his moves. With careful planning and execution, players can enhance their chances of defeating Bo Cai and finishing the mission successfully.

The spear thrust is Bo Cai’s go-to attack, which involves holding the spear close to the tip and pulling it towards himself. Once in this position, he will rapidly execute two thrusts, followed by a sweeping strike with a broad range of effects around him. This sequence of moves is the most commonly used by Bo Cai and can be challenging for players to block or dodge effectively.

Parrying is the most optimal strategy to deal effectively with Bo Cai’s spear thrusts. Although dodging can work for the first two jabs, players must step back considerably to avoid their arcing attack.

Parrying, however, blocks his strikes and briefly stuns Bo Cai, allowing players to unleash a few swift attacks before reverting to defensive maneuvers. Players should select weapons to capitalize on these brief gaps in Bo Cai’s defense, allowing them to strike quickly before he recovers.

Bo Cai employs a deceptive unblockable attack that can be challenging to anticipate. When he turns red, it may seem like his sweeping motion is the attack, but it’s just a ploy to trick the player. The attack comes after the initial loop when he thrusts his spear forward.

To parry this move effectively, players must wait for the first swing to complete before attempting to block the attack.

Bo Cai has another attack animation where he lifts his spear above his head before thrusting it forward, but the timing for this move is the same as his previous unblockable attack. Players should wait for the first loop of the animation before deflecting the strike.

If players manage to stun Bo Cai with a negative spirit bar, they should take advantage of this opportunity by using a Divine Beast to deal additional damage. This momentary vulnerability presents a chance to sell a significant blow before finishing him off with a lethal strike.

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